New Bonus Model: Steer Your Model With Colorful Balls!

The latest bonus model on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® website lets you steer your own robot – by throwing in colorful balls.

Michael "Mike" Brandl has build the model and is, as he says, "a huge LEGO MINDSTORMS fan of the early days". He got his first LEGO MINDSTORMS set in 1999 and was fascinated by the clever design from the first design on. Mike lives in Vienna, Austria from where he manages his website. He has dedicated a page to LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. You can find Mike attending several LEGO exhibitions through Europe during the year.

Information about the model:
Name: CPC - Color Programable Car
What can you do: You can steer this robot with the colorful balls from your NXT 2.0 set. If you throw in a...
- green ball it will drive forward until the ultrasonic sensor detects an obstacle
- yellow ball it will turn aprox. 90 degrees to the right
- red ball it will drive forward 0.5 m
- blue ball it will turn aprox. 90 degrees to the left

Go even further and make a Flagball out of Mike's bonus model!

Flagball (see images at right)
Take some spare parts and build a funnel on top of CPC, two grippers and two goals for each player ...
The aim of the game is to touch the goal of your opponent. Pick up one of the colorful balls with the gripper and feed it into the CPC in order to drive to the other goal ... touch it first and you will win this game!

You can see a video of a game of Flagball here.