Have your own robot solve a Rubik’s Cube

Guinness World Record holder David Gilday has made it possible for you to build your own Rubik’s Cube solver – using only one LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Kit.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS enthusiast has been building with LEGO Bricks since he was 5 and has a lot of experience in the area. Use the link below and get to know him better and be inspired by his work.

Building & Programming MindCuber
1. Download the Building Instructions here
2. Download the Program and installation instructions here

The software for MindCuber is provided as an executable software file that you can download to the NXT brick using the standard LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 software by following these steps:

1. Select “Remote Control” from the “Tools” menu to open the “Remote Control” dialog
2. Select “Connections” from the “Remote Control” dialog to open the connection dialog
3. Scan for your NXT and connect via USB or Bluetooth in the usual way
4. Select the “Memory” tab in the connection dialog
5. Select “Download” from the “Memory” tab and use the file dialog to select the MindCuber.rxe file to download to the NXT
MindCuber is now ready to go!

Links to further information:

Robot Operations

Getting to know David Gilday better

See a video of the Rubik’s Cube solver in action

David has also built a model from the previous LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set (8527 – orange box). By adding a LEGO color sensor this model can solve a Rubik's cube. Find building instructions for the model, plus additional information and source code for the software on David Gilday's webpage: www.mindcuber.com.