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Watch the MOVE IT stunt blooper real


    Sometimes the best moments in any challenge are when things don’t go to plan! Check out this blooper video to see some of the funniest bits of the MOVE IT challenge.

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        Hack the Alarm Clock Stopper

        Hack the Pull Back – Hack 1

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          Hack the Kicks Sender

          Hack the Pull Back – Hack 7

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            Meet the female stars of motorsports

            We’re celebrating the achievements of female drivers in motorsport. - Sports car racing driver Christina Nielsen from Denmark was the first woman to win a major full-season Sports Car Championship in North America. - The first woman to compete in a Formula 1 race was Italy’s Maria Teresa De Filippis in 1958. - The woman who competed in the most F1 Grands Prix is Italian driver Lella Lombardi. - There have also been several female test drivers and development drivers in motorsport including Susie Wolff and Jamie Chadwick.

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              LEGO® Technic reindeer sleigh!

              Santa got a bit of help this year with his sleigh. Check out this cool LEGO® Technic sleigh created by @sariel’s workshop! This fully remote-controlled reindeer sleigh uses LEGO Technic Power Functions motors to propel, steer and reverse.

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                Reverse climb

                What’s more challenging than driving backwards? Driving backwards through an obstacle course, of course! See how we set up a big reverse climb for our 4x4 X-treme Off-roader. The results are awesome. Build your own obstacles at home using everything from books to boxes etc. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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                  Brilliant board game hack!

                  Check out this cool video to see how Bre hacks a LEGO® Technic™ pull-back motor to create a board game timer. Feeling inspired? What cool hacks can you invent?

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                    Hack the Epic Jump Launcher

                    Hack the Pull Back – Hack 3

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                      New LEGO® Technic models - which one is your favourite?

                      Which one of the new LEGO® Technic models is your favourite? Leave a comment below and tell us why!

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                        A hack to light up your world!

                        Brighten up your builds with spinning lights! Check out the video to learn a cool hack for creating an impressive spinning light using your LEGO® Technic™ pieces and a pull-back motor. Why not have a go yourself?

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                          Asphalt 9: Legends Grand Prix

                          The LEGO® Technic™ McLaren Senna GTR model in Asphalt 9: Legends Grand Prix

                          • LEGO® Technic

                            Hover bike close-ups!

                            There are so many cool DETAILS on the BMW Motorrad real-life representation of the LEGO® Technic concept hover bike: propeller blades, swing arms, and of course the front turbine to push the bike off the ground! What’s your favorite detail?

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                              Technic Monster Jam® mashup!

                              Think that the original LEGO® Technic Monster Jam® Grave Digger® and Max-D® couldn’t be any more fantastically fearsome? Think again! Check out LEGO fan Zerobricks’ radical mashup of these two epic monster trucks. We love the hot rod-style engine rebuild, and how about that impressive front bumper – custom made for extreme nose-plants! Be sure to watch until the end for maybe the coolest feature of all – an impact ejector seat! What custom feature would you add to YOUR LEGO Technic Monster Jam truck?

                            LEGO® Technic Sets

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                              • 42112

                                LEGO® Technic

                                Concrete Mixer Truck

                                Every big build needs a sturdy concrete mixer to get the job done. You’ll be turning concrete in no time with the LEGO® Technic Concrete Mixer Truck. Drive the truck then turn the mixing drum to prepare your concrete. Ready to unload? Turn the mixer drum counterclockwise to release the concrete. Use the funnel to guide the concrete where you need it, ready for your next construction project.

                                • 42041

                                  LEGO® Technic

                                  Race Truck

                                  Prepare for some colossal, high-speed action with the LEGO® Technic Race Truck! This huge, robust model is packed with realistic details and cool features, including a detailed V8 engine with moving pistons, heavy-duty bumper and grill guard, working front steering and a large cab with opening doors. Get ready to race! Rebuilds into an ultra-cool Race Car.

                                  • 42035

                                    LEGO® Technic

                                    Mining Truck

                                    Climb aboard the gigantic Mining Truck! The awesome scale of this massive vehicle has been captured in this LEGO® Technic model, featuring huge wheels, detailed engine with moving piston and transmission belt, heavy-duty bumper and grill guard, tipping cargo bed, driver's cab and working steering. Maneuver the mighty machine into position, then tip and lock the massive cargo bed to deliver the load! Features a cool yellow and black color scheme. This 2-in-1 model rebuilds into a rugged Wheel Dozer.

                                    • 42036

                                      LEGO® Technic

                                      Street Motorcycle

                                      Cruise on the open road with the awesome LEGO® Technic Street Motorcycle! This cool, sturdy model has all the features of the real-life machine, including full fairing, rugged front and rear suspension, chain drive, working steering, kickstand, detailed engine with moving pistons and a sporty, light blue and red color scheme. Experience the joy of motorcycling! This 2-in-1 model rebuilds into a cool Retro Bike.

                                      • 42029

                                        LEGO® Technic

                                        Customized Pick up Truck

                                        Transport heavy loads over rough terrain with the giant, red Pick Up Truck! This rugged vehicle has huge wheels, a robust chassis, fully independent suspension, a large V-6 engine, sturdy grill guard with winch and a tipping bed. Upgrade with the 8293 Power Functions motor set (not supplied) and you have a motorized winch and bed, plus bright LED headlights! Rebuilds into an awesome Forest Skidder.

                                        • 42038

                                          LEGO® Technic

                                          Arctic Truck

                                          Get behind the wheel of the massive LEGO® Technic Arctic truck. This monster snow crawler is designed to surmount giant snowdrifts and arctic terrain. Featuring 4 huge crawler tracks for ultimate maneuverability, working front steering, massive cab with opening doors, sophisticated suspension mechanism for optimum flexibility, working crane arm with winch and hook, tipping cargo bed, and a cool bright orange and black color scheme. Experience arctic adventures with this magnificent machine! Upgrade with the 8293 Power Functions motor set (not supplied) and you have bright LED headlights plus a motorized winch and bed. This 2-in-1 model rebuilds into a Tracked Pickup Truck.

                                          • 42065

                                            LEGO® Technic

                                            RC Tracked Racer

                                            Get ready for some high-speed action with the high-powered LEGO® Technic RC Tracked Racer, featuring a fresh lime-green, white and black colour scheme with cool stickers, roll bars and huge rugged tracks for ultimate maneuverability! Grab the remote control and drive this super-robust vehicle over obstacles, accelerate at breakneck speed, and perform spins and turns in forward or reverse gear! Rebuild to create another powerful RC model, the awesome RC Off-Road Truck!

                                            • 42046

                                              LEGO® Technic

                                              Getaway Racer

                                              Cruise the streets with this cool, powerful vehicle featuring massive extra-wide rims with low profile tires, huge vertical exhaust pipes, heavy-duty front bumper and awesome dark-grey and black colour scheme with cool flame stickers for a real bad-guy look. Activate the powerful pull-back motor to make a quick getaway!

                                              • 42044

                                                LEGO® Technic

                                                Display Team Jet

                                                Enjoy high-flying adventures with this high-tech, aerodynamic jet. This awesome 2-in-1 model features a large open-plan cockpit, retractable undercarriage and a cool yellow, black and white colour scheme with sporty black-and-white chequered racing stickers. When you feel like another building challenge, rebuild it to create an aerobatic Stunt Plane. Interactive, 3D Digital LEGO® Building Instructions app available online for both models!

                                                • 42030

                                                  LEGO® Technic

                                                  Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader

                                                  Climb aboard the Volvo L350F! Developed in partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, this meticulously detailed, fully remote-controlled model has all the features of Volvo's largest real-life high-tech wheel loader. Activate the Power Functions motors, turn the articulated servo steering and watch the detailed 6-cylinder engine pistons and fan move as you drive it into position. Then it's time to lift the arm and tip the giant bucket—the largest element we've ever produced for a LEGO® Technic model! When you feel like another building challenge, rebuild it into the tough Volvo A25F articulated hauler.

                                                  • 42007

                                                    LEGO® Technic

                                                    Moto Cross Bike

                                                    • 42059

                                                      LEGO® Technic

                                                      Stunt Truck

                                                      Power up the rugged LEGO® Technic Stunt Truck, featuring a fresh blue, black and white colour scheme with checkered racing stickers, sturdy front bumper and wide blue rims with low profile tires for ultimate grip. Activate the powerful pull-back motor and hurtle over the stunt ramp at incredible speed to perform amazing stunts!

                                                    LEGO® Technic

                                                    LEGO® Technic CONTROL+

                                                    Meet the most immersive play experience ever from LEGO® Technic: A richer way of controlling your vehicles through new electronic components and a free app for your smart device, working together to bring your play closer to how real-life vehicles function. CONTROL+ equals realistic multi-function control plus new awesome possibilities – like automation, authentic sounds, alternative ways of control, challenges and achievements and live data feedback from your model.

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                                                          Hack the… Pulley

                                                          Can you defy gravity using a Pull Back motor…?

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                                                            A minimalistic yet amazing Great Ball Contraption!

                                                            When you suddenly have some large yellow gears from the LEGO® Technic™ Bucket Wheel Excavator and an old skateboard ramp, why not build a GBC?

                                                            • LEGO® Technic

                                                              42099 X-treme Off-Roader

                                                              • LEGO® Technic

                                                                Hack the… Hand Heli

                                                                Make a simple but effective propeller that you can launch across rooms!

                                                                • LEGO® Technic

                                                                  Hack the Brick Toast Maker

                                                                  Hack the Pull Back – Hack 5

                                                                  • LEGO® Technic

                                                                    LEGO® Airport Rescue Vehicle

                                                                    Race to the rescue with this power functions upgradable replica of a real-life airport rescue vehicle!

                                                                    • LEGO® Technic

                                                                      Take your minifigures for a wild ride!

                                                                      When you use your imagination, anything is possible! Check out this video to see how adult creator Nard hacked the pull-back to create a carousel for LEGO® minifigures.

                                                                      • LEGO® Technic

                                                                        LEGO® Technic™ – 42081 Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX

                                                                        Get a glimpse of the future with the LEGO® Technic™ 42081 Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX. Developed in collaboration with Volvo, this innovative concept model is packed with realistic details, including a cool mapping drone. Adjust the counterbalance according to your load, operate the boom and bucket, and enjoy optimal maneuverability with 4-wheel steering. This 2-in-1 model comes in the classic Volvo color scheme, and when you feel like another building challenge, it rebuilds into a futuristic Volvo Concept Hauler PEGAX.

                                                                        • LEGO® Technic

                                                                          LEGO® Technic™ Bugatti Chiron

                                                                          The global launch of our amazing LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron is here!!

                                                                          • LEGO® Technic

                                                                            Are you ready to Hack the Pull Back?

                                                                            Our little Pull Back motor can be used in (literally) millions of ways. So to see exactly how many, we want YOU to hack it and rebuild it into something totally awesome and unique!

                                                                            • LEGO® Technic

                                                                              LEGO® Technic Rally car

                                                                              What is your favorite feature of this speedy Rally Car?

                                                                              • LEGO® Technic

                                                                                Putting the steering of the 4x4 X-treme Off-roader to the test!

                                                                                What happens when you tilt the 4x4 X-treme Off-roader to one side, and then to the other? We went home and tested it out with this home-built obstacle course. Pretty cool, right? Remember you can do the same at home. Just grab every item you can find, and build your own race track or obstacle course to put your 4x4 X-treme Off-roader to the test. Trust us – it loves to be tested!

                                                                              LEGO® Technic

                                                                              Ultimate Racer

                                                                              Pick and customize your favorite vehicle and take it on the race tracks in our Ultimate Racer Game.

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