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LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 2 – OUT OF THE STORM


    Having survived a sudden storm, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf search for the missing Northern Lights by heading to the highest point in the kingdom: Elsa’s Ice Palace on North Mountain. There, a fleeting glimpse of the lights leads them farther north towards treacherous terrain.

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        The Magical World of Disney’s Encanto | LEGO® Encanto

        Experience the magic of Disney’s Encanto through LEGO stop motion. Follow Antonio as he opens the magical door and discovers his exciting new gift in the Madrigal house. 

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        • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

          Rapunzel and the Dream Horse

          Rapunzel is painting outside, painting everything she can see! Meanwhile, Maximus tries to sneak up and steal her fresh-baked croissant. Rapunzel catches her friend as he comes close and ends up painting the perfect picture…of him.

          • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

            Cinderella’s Sparkling Slipper

            Watch Cinderella's shoe being built in sparkling LEGO® bricks!

            • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

              Windflower in Whisker Haven

              Windflower is introduced. She is back from playing in the woods and smells a delicious cake. She really wants to it eat it but realizing that it could be for the Pawty, she resists and eats a whole lot of carrots instead.

              • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                Pumpkin in Whisker Haven

                Pumpkin is introduced. She is out in her lovely carriage when she spots a wand in the road. She puts it in her garden and is suddenly hit on the head by a flying invitation…to the Pawty.

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                  Sparkle Art Inspiration: Jasmine's Name Tag

                  Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own name tag

                  • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                    Sparkle Art Inspiration: Cinderella's Castle

                    Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw Cinderella's castle

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                      41063 Ariel’s Undersea Palace

                      It's concert time and Ariel is late again! But she gets there just in time to join in the music with all her friends.

                      • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                        Behind the Scenes

                        Take a look at all the fun things that happens behind the scenes, when we make the princess videos.

                        • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                          Sparkle Art Inspiration: Pascal

                          Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw the chameleon Pascal from Disney's Tangled

                          • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                            The Palace Pets Pawty

                            Its Pawty time at the Pawlace! Windflower checks to see where her friends are but the spyglass is the wrong way round. She wakes up Dreamy and they all have fun in the Pawlace.

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                              Elsa's Market Adventure

                            LEGO® I Disney Princess™ Sets

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                                LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                Ariel's Dolphin Carriage

                                Help Ariel get ready to go exploring in her dolphin carriage! Pick out the right hair flower to put in as she gets ready for her day. Then join her for the fun, and ride along as she explores the sea in her dolphin carriage. Her best friend Flounder will come along with her for the ride. Be part of Disney's classic fairy tale with LEGO® Juniors l Disney Princess™!

                                • 41061

                                  LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                  Jasmine's Exotic Palace

                                  Welcome to Agrabah, a land of mystery and enchantment, home of Princess Jasmine. Play with the princess and her pet tiger Rajah in the palace courtyard! What will they decide to do today? Perhaps they will lounge by the fountain or go on a thrilling magic carpet ride, high above the rolling dunes of the kingdom. They could pay a visit to the bustling marketplace to see the snake charmer in action. Then Rajah might get his paws on the magic lamp and wish for an afternoon spent munching on drumsticks, followed by a catnap in the shade of a towering palm tree. It's all up to you! Have fun building the palace and play as you go! Includes Princess Jasmine mini-doll figure and Rajah the tiger.

                                  • 10736

                                    LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                    Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground

                                    Have some winter fun with your favorite Disney Frozen characters! Help Anna load the catapult with snowballs and then launch them into the air. Hold onto the fountain as it spins around, and send the polar bear cub whizzing down the slide. Put on the skis and take a trip down the snowy ramp, then warm up with a hot drink before opening the treasure chest to discover the hidden ice crystals. There's so much to do in the magical Winter Playground!

                                    • 43182

                                      LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                      Mulan’s Training Grounds

                                      Are you ready for battle? Then join Disney’s Mulan at her training area for a workout. Cri-Kee sits in his cage while Khan grazes around the big plum tree with a secret inside. Start with a cup of tea, then get to work. Practise sliding down the zipline while Mulan warms up with her sword, then do some practice fighting. Celebrate a good day with fireworks from the gate roof. Can you train again tomorrow? The country is depending on you!

                                      • 43198

                                        LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                        Anna’s Castle Courtyard

                                        Meet Disney’s Anna in her diamond dress by the fountain – it’s Arendelle’s Harvest Festival! Build this LEGO® ǀ Disney set and join Anna and Bruni the Salamander as they celebrate. Once the party’s over, use the fountain bottom and Anna’s dress to create a diamond-shaped storage container. To boost the fun, collect the other diamond dress princesses (sets sold separately) for endless adventures!

                                        • 41150

                                          LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                          Moana's Ocean Voyage

                                          Launch Moana’s boat with her mighty friend Maui and Heihei the rooster, then study the star map and eat the delicious fruit as you sail along. But beware of the pesky Kakamora trying to steal the heart of Te Fiti from Moana on the way! Enjoy ocean adventures and help transform the island back to a green and peaceful paradise.

                                          • 10776

                                            LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                            Mickey & Friends Fire Engine & Station

                                            Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are brave firefighters. Visit the fire station and see the cool fire engine, take a slide down the pole, then head into the tower to look around. Is that smoke? Oh no, Goofy’s BBQ is on fire! Hop in the fire engine and race to the blaze, then position the ladder so you can fight the fire from above. Save your bone, Pluto! Fighting fires is hungry work, time for a hot dog!

                                            • 10773

                                              LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                              Minnie Mouse's Ice Cream Shop

                                              Welcome to the ice cream shop, where Disney’s Minnie Mouse is ready to dish up tasty treats! Take the ice cream from the refrigerator and help her serve ice cream cones and yummy milkshakes. Then help Daisy Duck choose her favourite flavour and serve her ice cream on the beach. Oh, and check out the cute crab on the wave! Have some fun surfing with Daisy before heading home in her cool car.

                                              • 41147

                                                LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                Anna's Snow Adventure

                                                Disney Anna and her horse are on their way to the North Mountain and need to stop for a rest! Lead the horse to his trough for a feed then sit with Anna by the campfire and make some delicious hot chocolate to keep warm. Then help her study the map before settling down to sleep in the cozy shelter. After a good night's rest Anna will be ready to continue her journey to visit her sister.

                                                • 41143

                                                  LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                  Berry's Kitchen

                                                  Get to work with Disney Snow White’s bunny, Berry, in her woodland kitchen. She just loves baking cakes and hosting tea parties for her friends! Head out of the beautiful tree gate and pick some of the hanging berries to decorate her cake, then place it on the table in front of the window. Now sit down with a hot drink, ready for the tea party to begin!

                                                  • 43177

                                                    LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                    Belle’s Storybook Adventures

                                                    Unlock an amazing micro-world as you explore the Beast’s castle with Disney Princess Belle! Check out the grounds outside before crossing the bridge and entering the castle. Ooh, a dance floor, let’s take a spin. If you feel thirsty, pour a cup of tea from the adorable Mrs. Potts. Be careful though, Chip giggles when he’s full! Follow Cogsworth as he shows you around the castle to the mystery room. Can you find out what’s inside?

                                                    • 43183

                                                      LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                      Moana’s Island Home

                                                      Spend the day with Disney’s Moana at her pretty seaside hut! Have fun exploring around her hut, then hang a fresh fish over the fire to cook. Keep an eye on Hei Hei, though, he’s always hungry! What’s that noise at the waterfall? Oh no, a baby turtle needs help! Rescue it and take it back to its mama at the dock. Hi Grandma Tala Stingray, it’s been a while. Here’s some pineapple for you. Whew, what a busy day! Time for a rest!

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                                                        LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights PART 4 – RESTORING THE NORTHERN LIGHTS

                                                        Anna, Elsa and Kristoff finally make it to the top of the Great Glacier where they find Grand Pabbie and learn the cause behind the missing Northern Lights. Can Grand Pabbie restore the lights to the sky so they may relive their happy childhood memories? And will Olaf finally have a chance to try something worth melting for: his first mug of hot chocolate?

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                                                          Treasure in Whisker Haven

                                                          Treasure is introduced. She is swimming at the pool, then has some strawberry sorbet before heading off to the Pawty at the Pawlace.

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                                                            Create and Rebuild: Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

                                                            Redecorating with LEGO® is easy and fun! Watch Selma and Kaya redecorate Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle!

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                                                              The Sparkling Celebration

                                                              It's Rapunzel's birthday and the other princesses are getting together to create a little surprise for her.

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                                                                Frozen Northern Lights Trailer - LEGO® Disney Frozen

                                                                The LEGO® Disney Frozen Family is back in an all new LEGO® adventure to find the Frozen Northern Lights.

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                                                                  Beauty and the Beast Retelling

                                                                  Watch our re-imagining of Disney's beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast, now re-told in LEGO® bricks!

                                                                  • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                    LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights PART 3 – THE GREAT GLACIER

                                                                    Anna and Elsa and their friends convert Kristoff’s sleigh into a makeshift boat and cross a frozen fjord to reach the Great Glacier – but will they be able to ascend the glacier’s steep incline? If only they could find the right gear this far north of Arendelle to make the difficult climb…

                                                                    • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                      Sparkle Art Inspiration: Snow Flakes

                                                                      Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw snow flakes

                                                                      • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                        Belle in the Amazing Maze

                                                                        Belle recalls the day when her and her friends from the castle played in the palace garden's maze. Along the way, she finds Beast who is hungry and frustrated. Together they find their way to the center of the maze and enjoy a tea party with the other characters.

                                                                        • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                          41061 Jasmine’s Exotic Palace: Wish come true

                                                                          Watch Jasmine and her tiger cub Rajah as they use a little magic to build her palace.

                                                                          • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                            Disney Frozen 2 – See Things Differently

                                                                            • LEGO® I Disney Princess™

                                                                              LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 1 – RACE TO LOOKOUT POINT

                                                                              After an exciting race to Lookout Point to view the Northern Lights, Anna and Elsa arrive to find… nothing. The lights have gone missing! With the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, they embark on a quest to the far north to find them – but will a sudden winter storm stop them in their tracks?