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Cool Accessories - Tip 3


    LEGO Creator designers show you how building gets more fun when you add different shapes to your build

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        Vacation House

        Fan creation by ExeSandbox. The RV is such a gas guzzler! Rebuild set 31052 Vacation Getaways into the Vacation House and enjoy it without the absurd gas usage! No music or sounds was used in this video. Parts that appear in-video twice are not foreign parts, but simply the result of Stop Motion Animation. Vacation House is an entry for the LEGO® Rebrick Build and Rebuild contest.

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          Creator Blue Express Tips & Tricks!

          Fan creation by DRajcok.

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            Pirate Treasure Building Challenge

            Pirate Treasure Building Challenge

            • LEGO® Creator

              Give Your Crocodile Moving Head And Limbs

              See how using different joints gives your crocodile a moving head and limbs

              • LEGO® Creator

                Building Tip: Tree

                In this video we show you how to build one of the trees that can be found in the forest surrounding the Lakeside Lodge.

                • LEGO® Creator

                  Streamline your plane

                  Sometimes it’s hard to find the right brick. Did you know that sorting them by shape can make it easier?

                  • LEGO® Creator

                    Building Tip: Bigfoot

                    In this video we show you how to build your own Bigfoot. Can you imagine such a creature roaming the woods around the Lakeside Lodge?

                    • LEGO® Creator

                      Building Tip: Moose Chariot

                      In this video we show you how to create a moose chariot so you can cruise around the Lakeside Lodge forest.

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                        Check out July’s best LEGO® models!

                        Check out the most creative builds we discovered on LEGO® Life this month! Come back soon for an all-new Wall of Creators. While you wait, use your LEGO Creator bricks to build something awesome and upload to the LEGO Life App for your chance to be featured!

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                          Building Tip: Spider

                          Do you know how many legs a spider has? In this video we show you how to build one.

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                            31069 Family Villa

                            Hanging out at home in the Family Villa is fun, but this family is also headed for the Golf Hotel and the Summer Villa to catch up on some rest and relaxation!

                            • LEGO® Creator

                              The Parisian Outlet

                              Fan creation by PHPaul. Also known as The Parisian Boulangerie & Patisserie, this little baking shop sells artisan bread, sandwiches, cup cakes, pastries and more as an outlet shop for Chez Albert Restaurant. The backstory is on the video description. Produced with/using: Parts only from the LEGO® set 10243 Parisian Restaurant. The Parisian Outlet is an entry from the LEGO Rebrick contest: Be An Expert Rebuilder.

                            LEGO® Creator Sets

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                              • 31014

                                LEGO® Creator

                                Power Digger

                                There's more to this digger than meets the eye! Pick up any load and shovel deep holes with the powerful arm. Operate the rotating cab to work from any angle and open the engine compartment to carry out essential repairs. It even rebuilds into a dump truck or front loader.

                                • 31091

                                  LEGO® Creator

                                  Shuttle Transporter

                                  Take off on out of this world adventures with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter set. Drive the powerful flatbed truck to the launch site, unload the awesome space shuttle and blast off into space. Then open the payload bay doors and use the onboard crane to put the satellite into orbit. When you’re done, head back to earth for a perfect landing, load up the shuttle and transport it back to base ready for another exciting mission! Rebuild this 3in1 set to create a cool Helicopter Transporter or head off for a fun vacation in a Car with Caravan.

                                  • 31059

                                    LEGO® Creator

                                    Sunset Street Bike

                                    Hit the open road with the amazing 3-in-1 Sunset Street Bike, featuring an awesome orange, black and white colour scheme, detailed engine, extra-wide rubber tires with high-mounted fenders, working spring suspension and an iconic, sporty design. Check out the detailed exhaust, cool windshield and handlebar steering. Jump aboard and put this super machine to the test! Rebuilds into a Road Bike or a Dragster!

                                    • 31015

                                      LEGO® Creator

                                      Emerald Express

                                      Full steam ahead! The exciting and colorful Emerald Express steam train is packed with detail, from the old-fashioned funnel to the driver's cab and the bars at the front that push cows out of its way. Moo! When it's time for a change, you can rebuild it into a fast rocket train or a carriage. Combine with additional Emerald Express sets to create an even longer train!

                                      • 31113

                                        LEGO® Creator

                                        Race Car Transporter

                                        Head to the track for some thrilling racing action! Unload the 2 super-cool race cars down the ramps of the awesome truck and trailer before they race each other by performing speedy laps. Once they pass the finish line, rebuild the car transporter into an impressive mobile crane or a tugboat with a crane to continue the action with this cool 3in1 set.

                                        • 31054

                                          LEGO® Creator

                                          Blue Express

                                          Take a ride on this powerful locomotive, featuring a classic tank-engine design with 6 wheels, 2 buffers, front light, and a blue, black and grey colour scheme. When you’re ready for a change, swap the front, middle and back modules to transform the Blue Express, or rebuild it to create a Carriage or a Fast Train!

                                          • 31104

                                            LEGO® Creator

                                            Monster Burger Truck

                                            Who’s up for a burger? Climb the foldable stairs into the monster burger truck and feed LEGO® citizens their favourite treat! Drive over curbs with the big wheels and working suspension to find a spot on the beach. Set up the table and chairs, climb into the truck and start cooking. Then rebuild it into a beefy off-roader, powerful tractor pulling vehicle or anything you want with this 3in1 set!

                                            • 31047

                                              LEGO® Creator

                                              Propeller Plane

                                              Experience this classic aircraft, featuring a beautiful red, white and black colour scheme, spinning propellers and an opening cockpit with room for a minifigure (not included). Climb aboard, zoom down the runway and launch into the air. When you've completed your flight, lower the wheels to make a perfect landing! Rebuild to create a high-tech hydroplane or a helicopter.

                                              • 31041

                                                LEGO® Creator

                                                Construction Vehicles

                                                Bring in the heavy-duty backhoe loader, featuring a classic yellow and black colour scheme with an orange warning beacon, tipping front bucket, working rear digger, driver's cab and rugged deep-tread tires. Maneuver into position, lower the bucket and scoop up the rubble! When you're ready for another challenge, rebuild it to create a powerful dump truck or a high-reaching telehandler.

                                                • 31056

                                                  LEGO® Creator

                                                  Green Cruiser

                                                  Soak up the sunshine while you cruise the streets in this sleek open-top Green Cruiser, featuring a fresh green, white, yellow and black colour scheme, tinted windshield and a large 2-minifigure cockpit with detailed dashboard and steering wheel. Lift the front trunk lid to access the luggage compartment or open the transparent rear hood to access the engine. Rebuilds into a Fast Boat or a rugged Truck.

                                                  • 31043

                                                    LEGO® Creator

                                                    Chopper Transporter

                                                    Have fun with this awesome set, featuring a powerful flatbed truck with a green, dark-green and grey colour scheme, 2 orange warning beacons and deep-tread tires, plus a cool orange, white and black helicopter with a tinted cockpit and spinning rotors. Load up the chopper and head for the airfield! Rebuild it into a rugged tractor or a robust off-roader.

                                                    • 31119

                                                      LEGO® Creator

                                                      Ferris Wheel

                                                      Step right up and enjoy all the fun of the fairground! Take a seat on the Ferris Wheel and experience an exciting rotating ride in the sky! Grab some popcorn and a balloon when you’re back on the ground. Next, rebuild it into a cool bumper car ride to have fun racing around, or a swing boat ride for even more thrills. Enjoy the ultimate day out with this spectacular 3in1 set.

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                                                        Building Tip: Pencil Organizer

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                                                          Relax in the jacuzzi – it’s the perfect accessory for a modern family. It’s stylish and it makes bubbles!

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                                                            Give Your Dinosaur Big Teeth And Claws

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                                                            • LEGO® Creator

                                                              Cool Accessories - Tip 4

                                                              LEGO Creator designers show you how building gets more fun when you use bricks in a different way

                                                              • LEGO® Creator

                                                                Building Tip: Compass

                                                                In this video we show you how to create a drafting compass, perfect circles guaranteed!

                                                                • LEGO® Creator

                                                                  Learn about Modularity

                                                                  Did you know that some of our models are modular? This means that you can mix and combine all kinds of pieces together to make new ones. There are so many possibilities – join us in trying out some combinations.

                                                                  • LEGO® Creator

                                                                    Thrills and Chills Await in the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31080 Modular Winter Vacation!

                                                                    Strap on your skis and wrap up in your scarf – the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31080 Modular Winter Vacation is covered in snow. Ski down the ski jump, and then hurry to escape a snowy avalanche. Next, rebuild the cozy lodge into a slick Bobsleigh Track, and race down the mountain at breathtaking speed! After, it’s time for a quick potty break…but someone or someTHING is waiting outside…a Yeti Surprise! Is this giant Yeti snow creature friendly or dangerous…? You’ll have to build it to find out!

                                                                    • LEGO® Creator

                                                                      Ultra Fierce Halloween Werewolf – Treehouse Adventures x Halloween Challenge Tip

                                                                      What’s that? You still want more? Then check out this video!

                                                                      • LEGO® Creator

                                                                        Building Tip: Toilet

                                                                        In this video we show you how to build a portable toilet. With the Twin Spin Helicopter you can now take your toilet anywhere!

                                                                        • LEGO® Creator

                                                                          Pool slide

                                                                          Everyone loves to make a SPLASH, why not make one going down a slide?

                                                                          • LEGO® Creator

                                                                            Building Tip: Picnic Table

                                                                            In this video we show you how to create a picnic table, perfect for having lunch outside the Lakeside Lodge!

                                                                            • LEGO® Creator

                                                                              Alien spaceship

                                                                              Warning! Warning! Alien encounter ahead! Watch out for those laser beams, buckle in and hold on tight!