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Max and Cool Creations!

Max and his dog are always super excited to see what you’ve built! Check out some of the creations they’ve received for the LEGO® Life Magazine here!

Cool Creations!

  • Friedrich Paul, 7 years old, Austria


  • Mark, 7 years old, Germany

    Super LEGO® House

  • Jonah, 6 years old, Germany

    Kai’s Superfire Jet

  • Leon, 8 years old, Denmark

    Party Ship

  • Victor, 8 years old, France

    LEGO® Monster

  • Fleur, 6 years old, Netherlands

    Hotel Fleur

  • Xavi, 5 years old, Netherlands

    Voltron and Optimus Prime

  • Molly, 8 years old, Sweden


  • Julian, 6 years old, UK

    Minecraft® Julian Tower

  • Albert, 5 years old, UK

    AT-AT™ & Darth Maul’s Throne Room

  • Lucy, 6 years old, US


  • Mason, 5 years old, US

    The Mega House

  • Tanaaz, 8 years old, US

    My LEGO® Man

Want to see your Cool Creations featured in future magazines?

So do we! Build something awesome and send us a photo! (We just need your guardian or parent’s permission first. They can fill out a submission form on the link below.) We can’t wait to see what you’ve built!
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Meet Max!

Max is an awesome builder and knows every LEGO® secret there is. He and his friends know that imagination and creativity are the best ways to solve problems. Sometimes things might go wrong (like the time Max accidentally put his recycling machine in reverse and it started spitting out dirty socks), but Max always looks on the bright side of things. His favorite things include skateboarding, his dog, pizza with extra cheese, meeting other LEGO fans and seeing what they have built.

Fun activities to download

Fun Max videos

  • Max to the Rescue

    Oh no! There’s a heist taking place at the bank! Can our hero Max think quickly enough to save the day?!

  • Max meets the ninja!

    Hmm… I wonder what it would be like if Max traveled to the NINJAGO® world…

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