NEW summer action in Heartlake City

Hi, it’s Stephanie here, reporting from the newly opened Heartlake City Amusement Pier! I have to say, it looks like summer in the City just got way cooler! So if you want to chill or feel the thrill, you and your friends can dive into some awesome action and underwater theme rides here! Can you keep your cool on the ghost pirate ship roller coaster? How much ice cream can you eat? Ready to try your luck, spin the wheel and win funny prizes? Head to the ticket kiosk and buy season tickets to the hottest summer event of the year! Summer is here – head for the pier! - Your reporter in the field PDF downloads in app (building instructions etc.) Can you make a cool phone wallpaper with the Download a wallpaper for your phone. Graphic assets? Pirate ship roller coaster would be cool (41375)

Cool Stuff!