Be inspired by your world!
  • Every one of us can be creative! The world is full of strange, funny, beautiful places, items, people, animals you might not always notice. What do you see in front of you that could be really fun to build, mix and mash-up with LEGO bricks?

  • Share your creations in the Gallery
The world of blue

Blue is a calming and creative color! Does it make you think of gem stones, berries, fish or flip-flops?

The world of red

Red is a real attention grabber! Does it make you want to build peppers or plush toys, lobsters or lipstick?

The world of yellow

Yellow is all about fun, play, and sunshine! What will you use it for: butterflies or bow ties, flowers or fruit?

The world of green

Green says “nature” and is pleasing to the eye. Why not build clovers, cars, parrots or avocados?

The world of purple

Purple is about mystery and magic… What fun fantasy universes, creatures, foods or fairy tales can you make?

The world of brown

Brown is grounding, nature and comfort – wouldn’t it be great for a cabin or a coconut, castles or cabinets?