Eager for Eagles

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Eagle House, just one creature was stirring, though not a mouse. Eris was walking across the mighty floor wondering who it could be, knocking on the door. ‘Who is there?’ she asked, but no answer was given, and though unwise, to open she was driven. Outside on the doorstep, before a hundred meter fall, stood a wicker basket, and from it she heard a call.

All I want for Christmas...

Eris Phoenix soul, bird of the brave, bent over the basket to see what to save. Dressed as a baby, in his mouth a silver spoon, lay the vulture known as Voom Voom. Eris smiled. He looked funny and cute, but he pulled out a blaster and threatened to shoot. Arms and hands and wings in the air Eris thought of her bed, wished she was there.

Bird vs. Bird

Before she knew it, with many a flutter, Eris was bound and not a word she could utter. Just sit and stare, as the Vultures came in and captured Eagle City and all of her kin. Carefully, gently they were brought to the surface. The Vultures had excellent air-to-ground service. Placed in vehicles and driven into the night, not a single word spoken of why the fight.