Spotlight on our European teams in Czech Republic, Denmark & Hungary. #INWED2024 ✨

Seven women. Seven engineers. Each with their own perspective. Each with shared experiences. Meet Christine, Karina, Daphne, Katerine, Renate, Frederikke and Adrienne as they share their stories to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day.

Christine from our site in Kladno, Czech Republic, has applied her mechanical engineering background to problem solving for over a decade. She’s worked in several countries and is a strong advocate for respect for women in the workplace.


“Personally, I wish women's work was more normalized, and not celebrated like something extraordinary. Like every time I hear "wow, for a woman, that's a great achievement" and I just feel like "no, this is an achievement’. It’s genderless. I don't need to be reminded that I’m a woman.”

"One of the great things about engineering for me is that you get to see your work out there in the real world. Particularly so as a mechanical engineer - from hospital beds to swimming pool filters. But seeing LEGO sets I’ve helped design gives me a special feeling. Knowing that I’ve helped have an impact on curious minds makes my hours sitting by the computer designing things so real and so tangible. I love it."

Karina's journey from sales assistant to industrial design engineer shows the transformative possibilities of an engineering education. A Mechanical Engineer in Billund, she emphasises the importance of teamwork and collaboration in her role which focuses on refining and creating new LEGO® elements. She highlights the supportive and safe environment at the LEGO Group, where diversity is valued, and everyone's opinions are heard.


“Ultimately, it shouldn’t really matter which gender you are. This is a great place to work. Full stop. As a woman in particular I feel super safe and very comfortable here. We should continue trying to attract more women into engineering because there are so many of us who are great at what we do. Not just because we’re female, but because we collaborate and bring our own perspective."

"My Brickmate, Anne, has been a huge inspiration to me. She has taught me a great deal and I know I will continue to learn from curious minds as they join.”

Daphne, a Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, delves into the exciting world of 3D printing. She works on improving processes for printing equipment and LEGO bricks, pushing the boundaries of this relatively new technology. Her experience highlights the challenges and rewards of working on cutting-edge projects that break new ground. She sees the culture here as inclusive and supportive.


“Don't believe that you need to fit a certain mold taken seriously as an engineer. That's simply not true. Consider all the time you spend worrying about being taken seriously or fitting in. Replace that with time spent playing, and you'll understand what it's like to be a female engineer at the LEGO Group. Engineering is fundamentally about exploring and engaging with the world around us and transforming it for the better—for everyone."

At our Kladno site, Katerina, is an Equipment Manager. She is responsible for the continuous operation of our site machines. This means collaborating with technicians and production planners to troubleshoot problems as they arise.


“Engineering can still be a bit of a ‘man’s world’. I’m not sure why other than this has always been the case. But, given that this is a field that is driven by finding better solutions, it’s a very natural place for women to be. In general, I feel no restrictions or discrimination coming from the fact I’m a woman. I hope more will join us soon. We are making an impact. We can make a bigger one.”

Renáta believes “the engineer's role is to make life easier and better with new products and new technologies”. As one of our Process Engineers, she likes to look at problems in a structured way.


"I love to challenge myself and I’m always look for a new way forward. A new technology, a daily problem is an opportunity to learn something new. There is so much opportunity to do so as science improves continuously. We just need people who make the connection between the need and the solution. We’re a very open-minded workplace. We appreciate the knowledge our people bring. This means there are plenty of possibilities to improve yourself and expand the scope of your interest."

“Engineering has transformed my approach to life”, Frederikke tells us. She’s an Operational Technology Transformation Manager at the LEGO Group in Billund. “We live in an environment where changes happens all around the world every second, we stumble into challenges every day, but I know based on my engineering background that there is always a solution out there, it is just a matter of finding it and solving it together with other bright minds.


"I feel that the LEGO Group empowers women. There is a high focus on diversity and inclusion. Since joining, I’ve been inspired by seeing female leaders in engineering. This is far from the case elsewhere. Change is happening. It’s visible. This means there is more to come.”

Adrienn works as an Environmental Health & Safety Engineer in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. It’s her role to create a safe place to work. She does so by conducting risk assessments, implementing safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulations, providing training and education, monitoring workplace conditions, and promoting a culture of safety awareness.


"One thing is for sure, it's a great feeling to have my work as a woman recognised, my competence is not questioned, and my insights and ideas are always welcome. I’m proud of all women I can work with. They are all super-strong and inspiring.”

“For me, this is a great place for us to thrive in engineering. The culture here is inclusive. OK, there is always further to go but we have gender diversity initiatives, equal opportunities, flexibility for work-life balance, supportive networks, and a commitment to innovation. That’s not a bad foundation on which to build, right?”

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