LEGO® Hub Hosts energising everybody everyday

Whether you’re working remotely because of the pandemic, tentatively returning to the office or are just starting out at the LEGO Group, we’re big on making your transition as easy, and your welcome as warm as possible.

We have 5 regional Hubs across the world in Billund (Denmark), Shanghai, Singapore, Enfield CT (USA) and London and our Hub Hosts are at the centre of #HubLife, creating that warm welcome and being on hand to support LEGO® colleagues virtually and in person.

We caught up with some of our London Hub Host team and some Hubsters (that's what we call colleagues who work in our Hubs 😉) to find out about what they do, how they do it, and how it helps to energise everybody every day here at the LEGO Group.

Mira + istvan

Istvan (Ish) Ruzsacz describes a typical day:

Upon arriving at the hub, I collect the post and parcels from reception, turn on the music and start reading through e-mails. Usually halfway through answering the first one, someone will come and ask for assistance with something. From then on there’ll be a constant flow of request until the end of the day. There’s never a dull moment, and we’re always helping people. And of course, they’re always grateful, so it’s all fun.

And Hub Host Mira Rathod tells us about the support she has received in her role and what makes it really special:

I love my team and all the colleagues that work here. I love people, so I love the interaction with all different nationalities and age groups. I was house bound for 22 months and everything about returning was exciting. I really do love my job!


Elena Moreschini started as a Hub Host during lockdown, and has been helping people settle back in for a year now:

In the wake of so much change, I really appreciated this new opportunity. I’m happy to come to work and be around people – it’s engaging, and no two days are the same. I love meeting new people and being a LEGO ambassador.


Kristy Russell has been bringing her infectious enthusiasm to the team since June 2018. She shares some of most exciting aspects of being a Hub Host:

Being a Hub Host means being everywhere, all the time. No day is ever really the same and each brings new challenges. I try and inject my personality into every encounter that I have, whether that is to be extra cheerful, cracking jokes or to try and remember details about someone so I can work that into the conversation and make them feel extra special.

Being back in the hub and being able to connect with people after almost two and a half years has been a breath of fresh air. I love sharing in the team’s energy and excitement!

Whether you’re a visitor or a colleague everyone gets a great warm welcome, and our Hub Hosts thrive on the opportunity to provide it. They work collaboratively to make each team member feel supported and at ease. We caught up with some of the Hubsters who are excited to be back in the hub.


Sr Manager for Distribution & Allocation Stephen McCarroll says:

The energy the hub brings can’t be under-estimated. I was reminded of what an awesome space it is –lively, fun & energising. It was so refreshing to see colleagues face to face again – most of the day was spent reconnecting with people. Also I forgot how awesome the views from the 11th floor of the London office are! It’s important to feel safe so following government guidance and trying to avoid the peak hours can really help.


Paul McAllister, Global Category Sourcing Manager says:

Returning to the hub felt great! I live in a one-bedroom flat with my partner and, with both of us working from home during lockdowns, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a good balance. Now I get to enjoy lunch from London’s Leather Lane food market, good coffee and seeing my friendly, supportive colleagues face to face.

I always found working at the LEGO Group to offer all the flexibility I need to maintain a good work life balance. I will continue to use the hub as my main place of work, but it’s great to know I can adjust as I need to. Our Hub Hosts make the hub work environment comfortable, energising and engaging.


Marketing Academy Director Kay Etherington confronted her fears about commuting back in and found a way forward:

At first, the prospect of using public transport was making me quite nervous, but I’ve found a way to avoid the crowds. Once I’m in the office, it’s always worth it. The working environment in the hub is so welcoming and quiet (well sometimes! 😊). I’d also really missed face-to-face meetings, getting energy from other people’s ideas and input.

Our people are empowered by flexibility, a supportive team, and an energising, welcoming environment. So, if you’re thinking about a return to the office and worried about how you’ll adapt– our Hub Hosts have got you covered.

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