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The first three months of everyone’s LEGO® journey really matter. Just imagine it was your job to take charge of them. How would you make everyone feel at home and set them up to achieve their full potential? This is the challenge faced by our Global Onboarding & Orientation Manager, Tine Vind.

“16 years is a long time to work anywhere. But there are many good reasons as to why I’m still here. Our inspiring vision of a global force for Learning through Play. The sense of belonging I felt from the get-go is still here. The feeling of being part of something bigger. The fact that play is not only encouraged as part of my job but is expected. The list is endless.


“I head up onboarding and orientation for all new talent globally. From the moment a contract is signed and three months into their new role, with all the key moments in between. This work is very important, as it means we’re not only able to attract amazing talent but also to retain it. I’m a huge people person. For me, having the opportunity to interact with so many talented new joiners from around the world is a joy. On top of that, I get to collaborate with many colleagues to ensure we have the best possible onboarding experience.

“A lot of brands talk about a sense of family. For me, family is central to who we are. The focus here is on people. Our values and promises are not just words on a piece of paper – they are truly upheld. Also, the flat organisational structure and easy access to senior leaders, who actually listen, these are things that make us different.


“I vividly remember going to one of my first town halls with our then-CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp. At the time, I  was amazed that he showed up in jeans and a sweater with one of his children on his arm. Here was a completely different kind of leader than I’d ever experienced before – much more approachable and fully embodying the LEGO values and culture.

“Caring is a core component of our company culture. We do care. We do take an interest in each other. We do embrace people completely for who they are. It means that if a colleague, for example, has a difficult time in their personal life, the support is there. Be that from each other, through our employee assistance programme, wellbeing events, mindfulness sessions - anything we can do.


“I try to think about my work from the perspective of open-ended possibilities – just like building with LEGO bricks. That only the imagination is the limit to what we can do. This opens up for new ideas and input that contribute to taking our work up a notch.

“When I first joined the LEGO Group back in 2006, I got to work on a project called LEGO Factory. This enabled anyone to design their own LEGO set digitally, order it and have it sent to them. This was a completely new way of thinking for us. It required many changes, both in our internal processes and fulfilment, to make it happen. This project laid the foundation for other initiatives that followed. LEGO® Pick a Brick was one. LEGO Ideas, that encourages users to share their creations. If they get enough votes, they could even be made into a real LEGO set. This project was amazing in many ways. It pushed boundaries, set new standards and showed that it was possible to do things in new ways.”

“We develop as people and learn best when we play, explore our imagination and have fun. This is even more important in a constantly changing world and workplace. We take play and fun seriously and do our best to incorporate it into our work. When we have fun together, it also gives us that sense of community and togetherness that we strive for.”

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