How much could you learn from endless imaginations?

Just imagine how many reasons there could be for you to pursue a career at the LEGO Group. Every one of the curious, creative minds who work here has their own reason for doing so. Each has their own story to tell. So, to launch our employer brand, we engaged our colleagues across the world and asked them what they wanted our audience to Just Imagine. Four stood out for us. One especially so.


First on our shortlist is Johannes Lystbaek, one of our Senior Learning & Development (L&D) Managers. After 10 years with us, right now, his focus is on creating a new L&D function at our new manufacturing site in Vietnam. His message reflects his passion for the brand while capturing the spirit of adventure and opportunity that comes with a curious mind:

‘Just imagine booking a one-way ticket to work in another country for the coolest company in the world.’

“Relocating with my family to Vietnam on a two-to-three-year assignment is such a huge opportunity. In so many ways. I’m immensely proud to get it and grateful for having it. I’ll make the most of it to inspire others to think about their own opportunities to use what they have learned to grow into other roles and working in a different country.”


Next up is Lydia Warren who works in Supply Chain Operations, at our Manufacturing site in Kladno, Czech Republic. This is how she told us her story:

Just imagine watching LEGO® sets being made and knowing that each one will bring a smile to a child young or old.’

“As a Senior Director for Planning and Shipping my teams ensure the smooth flow of sets from our site. This means we supply countless customers and give them the chance to learn and grow. The opportunity to work in a factory where our sets are made is the thing of dreams. Every day I have the privilege to watch them being made knowing that each one will bring a smile to a fan of the LEGO brick. How amazing is that.”


Kenneth Melbye Wedel is up next, he works in Operations, Engineering & Quality, at our HQ in Billund, Denmark. Here’s how Kenneth sees his story:

‘Just imagine working at the forefront of manufacturing technology development, shaping the future of play.’

“My message to everyone out there links very much to the work we’re doing within Additive Manufacturing. It’s a new and upcoming technology that’s growing rapidly and I wanted to inspire people to see that we’re working with cutting-edge technology development and always looking for new ways of inspiring children and creating new play experiences. For me, it’s also the many diverse perspectives our people bring that makes working here such a special and unique experience.”


Finally, there was an important message from Annica Berggreen. As an Agile Coach, Annica supports her colleagues by helping them to simplify the ways in which they work. This was her message:

‘Just imagine pursuing your passion and purpose even in your late career.’

While all messages from our colleagues said something special about working here, we felt this really captured the LEGO® spirit and the fact that there are opportunities here for everyone. Just like our products. It reminded us of something very wise: ‘we don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ We’ll leave the final words to Annica.

‘It’s no secret that I’m generation X. I have the occasional grey hair and a few wisdom wrinkles. I was so pleased to be hired to work here at my mature age. Maybe it’s because I wanted to explore something new in my career. I have a lot of valuable experience built up through my 25+ years’ squiggly career. I still have 20 good years remaining to share this and build something different. It’s important for me to highlight that the LEGO Group is an age diverse workplace where value is found in these hard-earned experiences.

“My work here is fulfilling as it helps to enhance our culture of being curious and brave enough to explore opportunities. It’s all about adopting a growth mindset and inspiring colleagues to be their most authentic selves. This is how we achieve better outcomes. As Agile Coaches, for instance, we reduce the noise and friction around product development teams, to build an environment, where they can focus on what they do best. This means they can develop products loved by millions of LEGO fans around the world.”

Where will your imagination take you?

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