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We are delighted to hear the news that for the second year running we’ve been voted Denmark’s most attractive workplace for Engineers by the readers of Ingenioren magazine. It’s particularly rewarding for us as our purpose is to develop and inspire the builders of tomorrow. Our 2,000+ engineering colleagues around the world find so many ways to do this. Maybe, one day, you could too. Perhaps we can inspire you to build your career here with us.

Niels B. Christiansen - Chief Executive Officer April 2022

Engineering plays a critical role in our work and it’s connected to our mission. our CEO, Niels B. Christiansen reflects on this:

“We have an amazing engineering community who work on creating our iconic products and play experiences, progressing our sustainability ambition and helping us become a digital business – just to name a few areas.

I know how challenging and rewarding it is to create innovative solutions and I’m super proud that we’ve been recognised as a place where engineers can have this experience."

At the LEGO Group engineering is everywhere. Quite literally, we have an engineering presence in over 12 countries. By 2025, our brand new campus for engineering and innovation colleagues in Denmark, is set to become a global cutting-edge engineering and innovation powerhouse. Beyond our Danish headquarters, we also have sites in Kladno, Czech Republic; Nyíregyháza in Hungary; Monterrey, Mexico; and Jiaxing, China. Our two latest additions become operational in 2024: Vietnam is a feat of engineering in itself and will become our first carbon-neutral run site. Finally, there’s Richmond, Virginia, USA our second carbon-neutral run site, where packing will begin next year, followed by full production in 2025.

John Hansen

Engineering helps us innovate in all kinds of ways. And because we group together engineers from the same discipline, we enhance our ability to innovate, as Senior Vice President for Engineering & Quality John Hansen explains:

“You will work with curious minds. Sometimes the best in their field. This means we are always raising the bar. We never stand still. Continuous improvement is in our DNA. Only the best will do and we inspire one another by striving for it.”

The variety and versatility of our engineering functions mean our people have to apply their expertise to all kinds of challenges. One of the biggest changes right now at the LEGO Group is our digital transformation. It’s how we describe our journey to become a digital business. This means we’ll remain relevant and continue to grow for future generations.

Janet Kroes

Continuing to address the issue of equality is one way we’ll do this. Janet Kroes our Senior Vice President, Engineering & Workplace - something she modestly describes as ‘getting to do a lot of cool stuff’:

“Being a female engineer myself and working with great female engineering talent, I experience a company where you can bring your whole self to work. One challenge that I personally find very exciting is to engineer future-proof solutions that perform both on efficiency as well as sustainability. Surprisingly often, we can find win-win solutions."

Digital is also at the heart of our Creative Play Lab. This is all about innovation, creating the future of play by building new play opportunities and never-seen-before creative LEGO® experiences. It’s where designers and engineers collaborate to working together to develop and deliver new consumer offerings and advanced platform technologies.

Lili CPL

Our Director of Play Artificial Intelligence (AI), Lili Tao enthuses about the potential she sees here:

“The journey of integrating AI into creative landscape here is very exciting, but we are also facing unique challenges, as embracing the advancements in AI. Our efforts extend beyond technology development; it is important for us to recognise areas where AI can help to foster curiosity and cultivate confidence in children.”

Embracing so many aspects of engineering allow it to create all kinds of impacts. In Billund (Denmark), for example, we’re applying Additive Manufacturing (AM), technology to support product innovation. But it’s also delivered production flexibility, shorter lead times, and new play value. It enhances our internal agility too, so we can reduce the idea-to-market timeline or hone our responsiveness to customer demand.

In Hungary, we already employ over 3,000 colleagues at our Nyíregyháza site. It covers the entire production process, from raw material to finished product. Right now, we’re expanding the plant to increase the production area by 50 per cent. With this comes the need for Automation Engineers - and a tempting opportunity for them to innovate.

Cultural diversity and a range of hands-on roles make our Monterrey (Mexico) site tick. Everything from project management and maintenance to logistics and production are the mainstay here. Everyone has a part to play and sometimes that part is an opportunity to get noticed. This means the freedom and trust to implement changes in technology. Trust is a big thing here. We’re allowed to fail sometimes. That’s important. This is how we learn.

Research & Development is the core focus at our Kladno site in the Czech Republic. Engineers here get to collaborate with the global team which is based here. Together, they help to develop and deploy new production technologies. Right now, our biggest project is focused on delivering new pre-pack lines for paper pre-packs.

Automation, Sustainability and R&D are the order of the day in Jiaxing (China). But here it’s the stability and trust our brand represents that is also a major reason engineers come to escape the uncertainty of the post-Covid job market.

Whatever your engineering specialism, the sheer diversity of our engineering offer makes it a near certainty we’ll have the ideal role to suit. Somewhere. Sometime. Our culture will definitely be another deciding factor. People with ideas, who speak up and take an interest. People who bring their best selves. People who collaborate. These are the people who thrive. Bring your whole self to our melting pot culture and immerse yourself in the joy of working here.

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