Press on to play!

Mario recognises bricks and enemies to give you coins but, watch out for the lava

Jumps, flips, spins and more Mario likes tricks and the better your skills the more coins you get.

And there’s a few hidden bonus’ too but, don’t worry, every time you get a coin Mario will let you know.

Coins, warp pipes, turtles – it’s all here

LEGO® Super Mario has arrived – the exciting challenges of Mario’s level-based world are reimagined in LEGO form:

  • CREATE levels using LEGO Bricks
  • COLLECT coins with new interactive LEGO Mario
  • CHALLENGE yourself with new levels and expansion packs.
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Build, swap, shuffle and rebuild!

With LEGO Mario your creativity makes the levels. You can build from the Starter Course, add other LEGO bricks from home and extend your adventure with plenty of expansion levels for more interactive and modular fun.

Collect coins the LEGO® Super Mario™ way

Jump on that Goomba! Now, watch out for the red lava! After kids have built their level, it’s time for LEGO® Mario™ to join the play. With a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and color sensor, Mario™ knows how kids play with him. Kids can flip, jump, spin and slide Mario as they collect coins with dozens of fun and engaging Mario reactions.