Old Trafford

Build Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium from LEGO® bricks.

Check out this buildable LEGO® Old Trafford replica model!

The first ever chance to build a detailed LEGO® football model of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium for fans to proudly display at home or in the office.

  • Share the LEGO® football building experience with friends

    This stunning Manchester United gift set offers fans the chance to show their love for the club and enjoy escapist fun by building the Old Trafford model with friends.

  • The Stretford End

    The Stretford End has traditionally been the home of Manchester United’s most passionate fans.

  • The United Trinity

    The United Trinity statue consists of Sir Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best, and stands outside Old Trafford’s East Stand.

  • The Sir Bobby Charlton Stand

    The stand is named in honor of the Manchester United legend and England World Cup winner.

  • The Sir Alex Ferguson stand

    In 2011 this stand was renamed to honor Manchester United’s most successful manager ever.

The passion and the glory

Old Trafford has witnessed many great moments over the last 110 years, and now fans can build a stunning piece of Manchester United merchandise with this LEGO® model of the stadium.

- Matt Busby

“I never wanted Manchester United to be second to anybody. Only the best would be good enough.”

- Alex Ferguson

“...now there is only one way to go and that is forwards”

No place like home

In February 1910, Old Trafford opens its doors for the first time and a crowd of over 45,000 watch United play Liverpool. The club are crowned League champions at the end of their first full season at their modern new home.


Real Theatre needs lights. With United’s first tilt at Europe a reality, the club spends $49,375 turning Old Trafford into a stage.

Private boxes for World Cup

A new cantilevered stand, with the first private boxes in British football, is built for the 1966 World Cup.

Reduced capacity to 45,000

After the disaster at Hillsborough in 1989, every major stadium in the UK becomes all-seated. This reduces Old Trafford’s capacity to around 45,000.

Increased capacity to 56,387

The three-tier North Stand is completed for EURO ’96 and boosts capacity to 56,387.

Increased capacity to over 76,000

Modern new extensions are opened in the two northern quadrants, increasing the stadium capacity to over 76,000.

  • Almost like the real thing

    This stunning 3,898-piece LEGO® football stadium boasts many authentic details from the real-life Old Trafford.

  • Old Trafford Pitch

    The real pitch is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide, while the pitch in this LEGO® Old Trafford playset is a smaller 18” (47cm) by 15” (39cm).

  • East Stand

    The exterior of the East Stand features a statue of the club’s legendary former manager Sir Matt Busby, which is replicated with a LEGO® microfigure adorning this Old Trafford toy.

  • The Stretford End

    Old Trafford’s most famous stand, and just like in real life ‘The Stretford End’ is embedded in the stand, with white bricks replicating the seats in this LEGO® football stadium.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson Stand

    A statue of Sir Alex Ferguson was unveiled outside of his stand in 2012, and a LEGO® microfigure is in the same place in this Old Trafford playset.

  • Sir Bobby Charlton Stand

    In 2016, this stand was renamed after the Manchester United icon, and the LEGO® Old Trafford building set features the managers’ dugouts and old players tunnel from the real stadium.

Bringing Old Trafford to life

“It’s always a challenge to recreate something as massive as a football stadium in a scaled LEGO model. I also understood that it’s the small details that make Old Trafford so special, so it was important to include elements like the statues of Sir Alex, Sir Matt and the United Trinity in the final model."