Who’s ready for a treasure hunt? You’ll face a lot of challenges along the way like Cheep Cheeps, a Goomba, a sliding platform and a rotating bridge. Plus, earn bonus coins when you find and jump on all three hidden blocks in the correct order!


Even LEGO® Mario™ needs to take a rest – but there’s so much to do first! Have a chat with Yoshi, find the Super Star block and (as always) defeat the Goomba. Once the day’s work is done, then you can rock LEGO Mario to sleep in his comfy hammock.


Watch your head, it’s Boomer Bill! Here you can test your skills in a lot of fun ways. Defeat the Shy Guy, get the Super Mushroom to prevent LEGO Mario™ getting dizzy or hurt by fire, and most importantly, don’t get knocked off the spinning platform!


This is where it all begins – the Starter Course! Did you know, this is the only set that includes the interactive LEGO® Mario™ character? But once you have the Starter Course, you can take LEGO Mario on all kinds of coin-collecting adventures with the Expansion Sets!


This is it – the boss battle! Can you find a way around the Lava Bubble? And then defeat Dry Bones? And then fend off Boo?! Do all that and you’ll earn the chance to battle Bowser – but be careful, he’s not called the boss for nothing.

  • What is LEGO Mario’s favorite lullaby?

    • A Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • B Kumbaya
    • C The Super Mario Bros.™ Theme Song
  • Who is the bigger blast at parties?

    • A a Boomer Bill
    • B a Shy Guy
    • C a Goomba
  • Mario has lots of enemies! Do you know what these ones are called?

    • A Goombas
    • B Piranha Plants
    • C Cheep Cheeps
  • What is this super scary-looking guy’s name? (He’s not that scary, is he?)

    • A Baby Bowser
    • B Bowser Kid
    • C Bowser Jr.
  • How many horns does Bowser have?

    • A Horns? What horns?
    • B He has seven horns
    • C Just two, but they’re scary