Become an Online Hero!

Being online is awesome and soo much fun…for the most part. But how do you handle yourself if you encounter situations that aren’t that cool? For example, when you run into ‘meanies’ that are being mean to you or others? Captain Safety is the LEGO® digital safety hero and he’s on a mission! Find out how you can become an online safety hero yourself!

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Meet Captain Safety’s Online Heroes!

Do you know which one of Captain Safety’s Online Heroes you’re most like? Take the quiz above to find out.

  • Sir Hug-A-Lot

    A warm-hearted cuddler, who understands their own feelings and can embrace the feelings of others…times two!

  • AeroVision

    A high-flyer who can see through, above and beyond first impressions, and then act with care. Nice!

  • Butterclops

    A light-hearted and funny character who sees their own quirks, loves them and celebrates everyone else’s! Sweet!

  • Admiral Highfive

    A handy and sweet online hero always ready to stand up for others and give a helping hand. Yeah!

  • It’s not fun anymore.

  • Feelings are getting hurt.