• Everything’s better with friends!

    Whether it’s playing, dancing, singing or just being plain silly – there’s nothing that can’t be made better by doing it with friends! That’s why LEGO Friends has a bunch of super fun challenges to help take your friendships to the next level! Watch the videos below to find out more…

  • Be a Pop Star

    Game time! Make as much delicious popcorn as you can within the time limit and challenge your friends to beat your score! Be sure to only pop the yellow corn kernels though… trust us, you don’t want to touch those other ones…

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  • How many can you pop?

    Tap the yellow corn kernels to turn them into popcorn. But avoid those other ingredients!

    Ready… Steady… POP!

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  • Score

  • Ewwwww!

    Sorry, you popped the wrong... ingredient...

    You definitely don’t want that in your delicious popcorn…

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  • Great job!

    You made:

    Popcorn pieces!
    Let’s hope your friends are hungry! Challenge them to beat your score or try again!

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