4X4 X-treme Off-Roader

  • Speed bumps? More like awesome bumps. Make your own obstacle path with books, bricks and whatever else you find lying around – then power through it with your X-treme Off-Roader. Watch the 4x4 suspension working through obstacles, just like the real thing. Go on, make it harder – your X-treme Off-Roader loves a challenge.

  • How high can you go? Take your X-treme Off-Roader on a steep climb up the couch, the bed, or even higher – all you need is a plank and a goal. Get real-time tilt and speed feedback from your model on the go, so you can play faster – and steeper. These chunky wheels were made for climbing!

  • The only way is up – and then down, and back up again. Here’s how you can put your X-treme Off-Roader driving skills to the test with a home-made track that combines sharp climbs with big drops. Challenge yourself and add even more ups and downs – can you do a rollercoaster path around the room? Go for it!

  • Backwards and on big wheels? Sure, no problem. Flip the fun and climb over bricks, boards, boxes, pillows... in reverse! As usual with your X-treme Off-Roader, the more challenging you make your track, the more awesome your ride gets.

  • This is how you ride your X-treme Off-Roader through raised obstacles: sideways and on two wheels. Test your driving skills through tough tracks with an awesome sideways tilt. Here’s an idea: challenge friends to a sideways racing competition and see who’s the sideways racing champion!

  • Build an obstacle race, pack it with twists and turns and power through it with your X-treme Off-Roader. Control your model with precision through tight corners and sharp turns and take your slalom racing skills to the next level. A challenge with every turn!

  • Put your wheels up in the air! Here’s how to set up a track and command your X-treme Off-Roader to do an awesome backflip, land on its back wheels – and keep on driving. Can you do it? We’re not saying it’ll be easy, but once you master how to do it, your cool driver factor will be off the charts.