• SCOTTY: Yo! I’m Scotty, from Mission Command. I’m here to help you during your mission. 

  • SCOTTY: What’s your name? Say it out loud so my sensors can pick up your voice… Great! I have trouble remembering names, so can I call you Astro?

  • SCOTTY: As you already know, being an astronaut takes a lot of brain-power, creativity, and quick thinking!

  • SCOTTY: But for today, we’re just doing a routine moon check. Gotta make sure it’s still up there! 

  • SCOTTY: This mission will take you one day to go there and come back. 

  • SCOTTY: Time to gear up! Review the Mission Brief and get ready! 

  • SCOTTY VO: Mission Briefs provide you with guidance and suggestions but it’s up to YOU to make the final decision! 

  • MISSION BRIEF: Build Your Astronaut 

    Make your Figure. Add Gear. Don’t forget Tools! 

  • SCOTTY VO: Lookin’ good Astro! Do you want to take a pic before you leave Earth? 


    Photograph your build for your log. 

    Scotty VO: I can tell you’re a talented astronaut – well done!  


  • SCOTTY: Ready for takeoff – oh…wait…actually we’re missing something. 

  • SCOTTY: We almost forgot your spaceship! You can’t walk to space! Actually can you…? Oh okay, I just had to ask haha! 

  • SCOTTY: All of our ships are busy right now, so you’ll need to build your own using… 

  • SCOTTY: …This! The Ultimate, Extended Edition, Newly Updated, Brand New Mission Manual. Everything you need to know about building spaceships is in here. 


  • SCOTTY: Uhhhh…yikes, sorry Astro, this thing is ruined. You’ll have to work without the manual. 

  • SCOTTY: But don’t worry! I can tell you’re smart – so time to use your brain power and creativity! 

  • SCOTTY VO: It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as you like it and it can fly! Get ready – your Mission Brief is incoming with suggestions to get you started! 

  • MISSION BRIEF: Build Your Spaceship

    -Ship Needs: -A Seat for your Astronaut -Navigation System -Small size for fast take-off 


    Photograph your build for your log.


  • SCOTTY: Brilliantly built, and you didn’t even need the manual! I knew you could do it! 

  • SCOTTY: Your ship looks top-notch and ready to launch. Hop onboard, Astro! I’ll talk you through your mission. 

  • Boarding...



  • SCOTTY: We’re cleared for mission launch. Prepare for takeoff, Astro! Beginning countdown – 3…2…1…BLAST OFF! 

  • SCOTTY: Ahhhh, I love a good launch sequence. Now, up ahead, you’ll see—

  • SCOTTY VO: Is that an alarm!? Woah, I’ve never heard this one before! Just—stay calm, okay? 

  • SCOTTY VO: GAHH!! That looks like a tear in the space-time continuum! I’ve only read about these in books…

  • SCOTTY VO: Try not to get to caught in it, Astro!

  • SCOTTY VO: A-Astro!! Don’t -sxxxffff- worry, I’ll be -xxffffsss- tracking your signal, just -ffffsssssx- and HOLD ON TIGHT! 

  • SCOTTY VO: Astro? Hey, are you okay? Can you hear me?

  • SCOTTY VO: Whew! You’re one tough explorer, Astro! I’m glad you’re okay! 

  • SCOTTY VO: Where are you, you ask? Wellllllll…you definitely aren’t in our galaxy anymore. 

  • SCOTTY VO: Let’s look around…woah! The Tear must have pulled all this stuff from galaxies all across the universe! 

  • SCOTTY VO: After I finish running this scan, I’ll have a list of repairs your ship needs after it crash-landed.  

  • SCOTTY VO: Oof…well the good news is that you’re okay, the bad news is that your ship is pretty much completely destroyed. You need a new Cockpit, Engine, and Boosters.

  • SCOTTY VO: You’ll need to build a new Cockpit, a new Engine and some new Boosters with whatever you can find and scavenge on this planet.

  • SCOTTY VO: One last extra-important update: while I was scanning and analyzing the Rift you got caught in, I discovered it’s going to close in 4 days!!! 

  • SCOTTY VO: You only have 4 days to build a new Spaceship and return home! 

  • SCOTTY VO: But don’t worry, I’m here at Mission Command and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

  • SCOTTY VO: Yikes, what’s this!? Looks like you got company, Astro! My sensors are picking up on three extra-terrestrial lifeforms headed your way!! 

  • Rift Closing in 4 Days

  • SCOTTY VO: Astro, your discoveries and inventions are incredibly helpful to other Astronauts and Explorers. If you want to share your knowledge and experience, share the photos from your Mission Log!  

  • MISSION COMPLETE. Mission Command Request:


    You can share your Mission Log photos and adventures by uploading them to the LEGO Life App! Ask your parents before downloading.

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