Be a Good Role Model

Building healthy online habits is most effective when kids practice them from the start. Your child will pay attention to what you do online and follow your example.

As you work to be a good role model, consider these questions:

  • Do you make time at home to put aside your phone/tablet, such as during mealtimes and family time?
  • Do you talk to others politely online and settle disputes in person rather than via text or social media?
  • Do you often work at home on your computer/phone after the workday has ended?
  • While staying aware of your child’s online life, are you respecting their privacy?
  • Are you oversharing pictures or videos of your child? If your child is old enough, do you ask their permission before posting?
  • Do you give others your full attention, or are you often distracted by digital devices? For example, do you take out your phone in restaurants or at the playground?

More Information

Want to know more about digital safety, or need help? Visit these resources for more information.