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Responsible Sourcing

We expect all suppliers and partners to act in a manner consistent with the LEGO Group Responsible Business Principles, which relate to ethics, people, children and the environment.

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*Please be aware that the English version is the legally binding version, the different language versions are supporting material

Supplementary policies and guidelines

Suppliers who provide electronic or metal components for LEGO products also need to comply with the LEGO Group Policy on Conflict Minerals. 

Performance Evaluation

We regularly monitor compliance to our requirements through our supplier audit programme, using a combination of third party auditors and LEGO specialist staff. Our intention is always to support and work with suppliers who show a genuine commitment to improve.

Member of ICTI Ethical Toy Program

The LEGO Group is a member of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program. We see this as part of our commitment to support industry collaboration to address common challenges and to reduce audit duplication and burden on suppliers. While we accept IETP audit reports as a means of evaluating supplier compliance, we apply our own standards and requirements as outlined in the LEGO Group Responsible Business Principles. We also always conduct our own visits and monitoring of supplier performance.