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LEGO Group innovates daily work in London office


The new main office in London is designed to increase collaboration. The workplace is divided into flexible work zones with no fixed seating and no offices for managers.

Bali Padda is COO and Executive Vice President, member of the Management Board of the LEGO Group and responsible for overseeing the global operations of the LEGO Group. But he has no private office. Nor does anyone else of the more than 120 employees working at the LEGO Group’s new office in London.
“We have introduced an entirely new way of working in the new office. The biggest impact is that the traditional, physical concept of ‘a department’ has dissolved and this encourages  cross-organisational collaboration even more than we are used to in the LEGO Group,” says Bali Padda.


Activities determine the work space

The new way of working is based on a concept called ‘Activity Based working’ and the LEGO Group is among the first companies in the UK to develop and integrate the concept, which has a big impact on the daily work life of the more than 120 LEGO employees currently working in the London office.

“All employees have to get used to the fact that they do not have a dedicated desk, and that their activities during the work day determine where they are – not what department they are part of,” says Bali Padda.
Once employees have placed their belongings in one of the lockers by the office entrance, they can go to either a meeting room, one of the quiet zones if they wish to concentrate on a specific individual task or they can choose to work in one of the office areas where employees can discuss more freely or have phone conversations.

New way to reach better decisions
“If an employee leaves any workspace for more than one and a half hour, they need to empty the desk to make room for other employees. Thus we utilise the space better and create a more flexible environment where employees meet new colleagues all the time,” says Bali Padda, adding:

“For us, this is a move towards an office culture that embraces the diversity of the entire organisation and offers a work environment that allows employees from very different parts of our organisation to learn from each other and thereby allows us to think and act more holistically – ultimately making better decisions,” says Bali Padda.
The London office is a pilot run of the new way of working, and potentially it could be established at other LEGO locations in future.


About the LEGO Group locations

While the LEGO Group is well represented around the world through local sales offices, in 2013 the LEGO Group reinforced its commitment of globalising the company by announcing its intention to grow and establish a number of main offices.
The company headquarters will remain in Denmark, but in order to attract a more diverse, global work force, focus will be put on building presence in London, Singapore and Shanghai as well as at the present LEGO premises in Enfield, Connecticut, USA.

Production facilities:
• The LEGO Group currently owns and operates its own factories, in 
• Monterrey, Mexico
• Billund, Denmark
• Nyíregyháza, Hungary 
• Kladno, Czech Republic
• In April 2014 the construction of a LEGO factory was officially initiated in Jiaxing, China, 120 km south of Shanghai. The factory will supply all of Asia with LEGO products

About the London Office:
• The office is located in central London in a newly renovated office building, New Fetter Place, located on New Fetter Lane 8-10
• The building is owned by KIRKBI A/S
• The LEGO Group is the first tenant in New Fetter Place
• The LEGO office spans 4 floors and covers 2,291 square metres
• The office has room for 200 LEGO employees in the current office layout with room for adding more employees in future
• Currently 120 LEGO employees are based in the office. This is expected to grow to 200 during 2015