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Dirk Denoyelle

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Dirk Denoyelle is a well known Flemish comedian. In 2000, he built the heads of 30 famous Belgian and international people out of LEGO® bricks and he has built LEGO creations ever since. One of his best known projects was “A Face for Europe” (2004), a charity project that involved the building of a giant European Monument, 2 heads and over 20 mosaics.

As an LCP, Dirk specialises in making portraits, mainly mosaics. Need a gift for a colleague who retires? For your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary? A family portrait? Just send Dirk the picture!

Occasionally, new 3-dimensional work is accepted. Dirk operates from Antwerp, Belgium, and sends out his LEGO art all over Europe.
Website: www.amazings.eu