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Adam Reed Tucker

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In 1996, Adam received a Professional Degree in Architecture with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Design Theory. During 1996 - 2006 he worked as an Architect throughout the Kansas City and Chicago areas. In 2002 he ran across a book titled "The World of LEGO® Toys" by Henry Wiencek. As he was thumbing through it, he noticed a really neat adaptation on architectural possibilities using the LEGO® bricks as a medium. Adam was so inspired by this he soon set out to explore this idea further envisioning his use of the LEGO brick would be no different than say a painter who uses paint or a blacksmith who uses metal.
In 2006, to propel this idea further he founded Chicago’s first LEGO fan convention called BrickWorld and in 2007 Adam’s company BrickStructures formally joined forces with the LEGO Group forming a partnership to develop a new line of products LEGO Architecture. As a LEGO Certified Professional, Adam is focusing specifically on the design & construction of skyscrapers and other architectural structures reaching out to the public via events and school programs.