About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

LEGO Certified Professional logoLEGO® Certified Professionals is a community-based program made up of adult LEGO hobbyists who have turned their passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks into a full-time or part-time profession.

LEGO Certified Professionals are not LEGO employees, but they are officially recognized by the LEGO Group as trusted business partners.

Each LEGO Certified Professional is selected for the program based on his or her:

  • Building proficiency
  • Enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system
  • Professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public


Announcement for new LCP 


We are currently looking for a new LEGO® Certified Professional in the United Kingdom


Who can apply?  

The LEGO Certified Professional program is tailored for professional individuals with excellent LEGO building skills, a collaborative approach and a strong passion for the LEGO Brand, brick and building system.

The initial requirements that LCP candidates shall meet are:  

  • The LCP applicant can document working business model for his/her business that is, based on creating unique LEGO experiences.
  • Can document excellent LEGO building skills.
  • Can document ability to organize and drive building projects and coordinate smaller events/happenings.

The LCP program does NOT apply to and will not accept applications from established companies or institutions.  


How to apply?  

If you can answer “yes” to the above-defined initial requirements, we welcome your application to the LCP program.  

Your application shall include 1- description of your personal profile, 2- documentation of business (business model and preferably a business plan) and 3- record of LEGO experiences and your portfolio of work.  

Please send your application by e-mail to Helene.Teichert@LEGO.com 


The deadline for applications is 10th December 2018