Programs and Visits

Image of LEGO House from above

Every year the LEGO Group welcomes selected groups of visitors to the company.
Visits are coordinated by Corporate Brand Communications and are prioritised to reflect the business relationship with the LEGO Group.

The following are typical visitor categories at the LEGO Group in Billund:

  • Students in university/higher education programmes
  • Special needs students
  • Business partners

The maximum number of visitors in a group: 30 persons.

For further information, please contact:
Corporate Brand Communications:

Unfortunately, we are unable to book school classes in 2018. Please contact LEGO® House or LEGOLAND Billund instead, as they offer visits for school classes.

We invite all fans to experience the LEGO Group behind the scenes on the LEGO Inside Tour.

Image of LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery containing large LEGO models of dinosaurs

LEGO® Ambassador Network

The LEGO Ambassador Network is a community network for both the LEGO Group and influential Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) to provide valuable dialog and initiate activities of relevance to the success between the LEGO Group and the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.

To find out more about the LEGO Ambassador Network please visit:

Image of woman building large LEGO model

LEGO® Inside Tour

Experience the LEGO® Group from the inside: see how LEGO® bricks are produced, meet our designers and take a tour through the LEGO Group’s unique history in Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s original house. Take home a unique LEGO set: Each participant receives a LEGO set exclusively produced for the LEGO Inside Tour.

Please find all information about sign-up for the LEGO Inside Tour here: LEGO Inside Tour.

Image of LEGO House inside the play experience zone

LEGO® House

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside a real LEGO® House? That’s why we built this world of creative experiences. Discover the magic behind the brand, and the endless possibilities for play and learning with the inspiring LEGO brick.

Also known as “Home of the Brick”, the new LEGO House is located in Billund, Denmark, where the LEGO brick was invented. LEGO House is one of the main family attractions in Southern Denmark, with fun activities for children and adults of all ages. We invite you into our LEGO home for the ultimate play date!

For more information regarding online booking, visit Visit:

Image of LEGO Certified Professional Ricardo Zangelmi standing inside a large LEGO model of two cupped hands

LEGO® Certified Professionals

The LEGO® Certified Professionals (LCP) program is made up of adult LEGO entrepreneurs who have turned their passion for the LEGO brick and system into a full-time or part-time profession.

We recruit LCPs on a regular basis and the position is market specific. We select an LCP based on his or her:

  • Enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system
  • Working business model and ability to organise and drive building projects and / or events
  • Strong business plan and match with the need of the local LEGO office
  • Strong collaboration skills and personal dedication to core LEGO values
  • Professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public

An LCP works with local LEGO office, 3rd party commissions, and on their own projects/exhibitions. Below you can find an introduction of the LCPs that are currently part of this programme, as well as a FAQ session.

LCPs are not LEGO employees, but they are officially recognised by the LEGO Group as trusted business partners.