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Jacob Kragh

Jacob Kragh joined the LEGO Group in June 1997. He was appointed General Manager LEGO China in 2015 bringing with him a wealth of experience accumulated over 18 years in the LEGO Group.
Jacob joined the Corporate Management team in January 2016.

With more than 20 years of comprehensive experience within marketing, sales, consumer insights and general management, Jacob has led in developing global brand marketing campaigns, business strategy and development, and has shown great leadership capabilities.

For five years (2010-2015), Jacob was President of LEGO Education where he was responsible for the overall leadership of LEGO Education. LEGO Education is a division of the LEGO Group, based in Billund, Denmark, and works with teachers and educational specialists to deliver playful learning experiences that bring subjects to life in the classroom.

Jacob holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration and has studied at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and at Universitá degli Studi in Bologna, Italy. He has studied and worked in Denmark, US, Italy, Switzerland and China.