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Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

With big imaginations, nothing but big adventures await. Our extensive collection of LEGO® sets encourages early learning and boosts confidence in young children during their preschool years, so whether they’re catching runaway crooks, or recreating movie scenes with Disney castles and dinosaurs, your little girl is sure to be inspired by this collection of LEGO toys designed especially for 4-year-olds!

Fire Station and Fire Engine

Watch your 4-year-old girl become a hero as she immerses herself in a world of fire-fighting fun with this LEGO® City playset.

There’s tons of excitement to be had in the two-level fire station, which comes complete with sleeping quarters, a garage and even a fun emergency slide for the firefighters to whizz down.

When the alarm sounds, your child will race to save the popcorn vendor, whose cart has gone up in flames! Aiding the rescue mission is the cool fire engine with its flexible hose and roof ladder, and the set even includes details such as a toy spade, radio and cup for even more role-play inspiration!

LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box

Unleash the rainbow with this classic LEGO® brick set! Boasting 33 different colours and 790 pieces, this set is a great gift for 4-year-old girls, and will really let your child’s imagination run wild.

From teddy bears and cameras to mopeds and castles, this is the perfect toolkit for any budding builder. With an exciting selection of various special elements such as windows, doors, wheels and more, this set is sure to spark hours of open-ended creativity.

All models can be built simultaneously for even more fun! And when it’s time to pack them away, they can be safely stowed in the iconic LEGO brick box, making this an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO brick collection!

Creative Transparent Bricks

Looking to add a touch of sparkle to your 4 year old’s play? Packed with a mix of 500 colourful, transparent LEGO bricks, this set will kick-start tons of vibrant creativity.

With eight inspiring build ideas, including a unicorn, a lion and a wizard with a potions desk, as well as bricks of all colours, shapes and sizes, your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play.

This playset makes a fun gift for everyone, so get the whole family together and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones!

Police Station Chase

Catch all of the bad guys with this action-packed toy for 4 year olds!

Designed for little LEGO® builders, this set boasts a police station complete with a raiseable barrier, office and jail, a police car and getaway motorbike, two police officers, two crooks – and even a cute dog figure!

The playset comes to life with lots of fun accessories including a toy gem, a police radio, a jail key, two cups and a megaphone. There’s even a jailbreak function for the crooks to escape!

Your little ones will enjoy hours of police pursuit fun with this set, all whilst learning about the everyday heroes around them!

Paisley’s House

Head over to Heartlake City and enter a world filled with friendship and fun!

Part of the LEGO® Friends collection, there’s so much to discover with this playset. The house includes multiple rooms and the top floor even lifts off for easier access to the kitchen below.

Your little ones can join Paisley in her cosy corner of the garden while she plays guitar and writes music, or they can visit Melody the bunny in her own little house – and even offer her a carrot!

With a trio of characters and so many fun accessories, Paisley’s House is perfect for little ones who love imaginative roleplay.

T. rex Dinosaur Breakout

Warning! There’s a T. rex on the loose and we need your child’s help to catch it!

This LEGO® Jurassic World set makes the perfect gift for 4-year-old girls who love dinosaurs and cool vehicles. Your little one can play out dinosaur breakouts with the collapsible fence and poseable T. rex figure, before launching the helicopter and buggy from the easy-to-build airport to aid the recapture.

Assisting with the mission are Owen Grady, Zia Rodriguez, and a wildlife guard, while super-exciting accessories like a dinosaur egg, a walkie-talkie, and a tranquilizer element give kids the extra inspiration they need for hours of creative play.

Team Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters

Prepare for tons of web-slinging action with this LEGO® Marvel playset!

This set is all about fast-moving fun and makes a great Spider-Man toy for 4-year-old girls who love action and adventure. The buildable mobile HQ comes complete with an opening cockpit and rear door, and the roadster and ATV vehicles can get on and off it with ease.

Alongside the familiar faces of Spidey, Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider and Black Panther, your kids will enjoy countless hours battling the evil Rhino, who even comes with an egg-firing blaster for epic food fights!

Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown

Beat the bad guys with Hulk and Spidey!

Recreating scenes from the popular Disney+ TV series, your little ones will help thwart Rhino’s bank heist and save the day!

There’s tons of smashing action to be had as the two monster cars clash and Spidey flies in to trap Rhino in his web. This feature-packed set also includes two changeable Hulk heads, Spider-Man’s jet pack with firing missiles, and a bank vault with a removable box that fits into Rhino’s boot.

With hours of imaginative play in store, this LEGO® Marvel playset will teach your girls that the villains don’t stand a chance when they work as a team!

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

The adventures never stop with LEGO® sets! Whether they want to recreate their favourite movie scenes, hit the road with cool vehicles, or learn about the everyday heroes around them, our amazing collection is sure to delight kids of all ages and all interests. Take a look around and discover a whole world of fun!