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Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Girls

Let your 3-year-old girl’s imagination run wild! It’s never too early to start exploring, and we've got the perfect range of sets to encourage creativity and curiosity in young minds, helping them on their way to important emotional development milestones.

From magical castles and organic gardens to busy fire stations and action-packed construction sites, we’ve put together a list of the best toys to help your little ones discover the world around them – and have endless amounts of fun while they’re at it!

Truck and Tracked Excavator

3-year-old girls can get the job done!

Complete with two construction-worker figures, a tipper truck and an excavator with a moveable cabin and shovel, this playset gives your child everything they need to role-play imaginative construction scenes and transform into builders for the day!

Offering lots of role-play opportunities, this set helps young children develop valuable physical and cognitive skills, and can be combined with other LEGO® DUPLO® construction playsets for even more exciting ways to build and learn.

Family House on Wheels

Prepare to take life on the road! Children will embark on a brand new adventure with this set, expanding their horizons and unleashing their imaginations to the full.

Help your 3-year-old girl build her very own mobile home, before hitching up the car and heading off to whichever exciting location she chooses next.

The driveable car fits the two accompanying figures, and the set also includes a campfire, cup and pot – perfect for recreating those happy family camping trips!

Tech Machines

Get ready to construct some classic machines with your 3-year-old LEGO® builder!

This set introduces curious young minds to basic engineering concepts, developing their problem-solving and fine motor skills, while also unleashing a whole lot of creativity along the way.

Boasting 95 pieces, the set includes four special screwdrivers with integrated screws for joining special bricks together, two inspirational building cards with detailed building instructions, and an activity booklet for quick and fun ideas.

From diggers and cranes to helicopters and robots, the opportunities for creative construction are endless!

Construction Site

Delight your 3-year-old with this action-packed DUPLO® Construction Site set.

Complete with a swivelling cement mixer adorned with flashing lights and sirens, a driveable bulldozer and a crane that can grab and drop, this set is filled with exciting sensory stimulations.

With three different vehicles and a trio of construction workers, there are countless different ways to play. There’s even a pizza piece included to celebrate a job well done with the whole team!

Fire Engine

Help! There’s a cat stuck in a tree and it needs to be rescued! This set allows your child to become a real-world hero as they race to the scene in the multi-function fire engine, complete with sirens and flashing lights.

Aiding them on their rescue mission is a firefighter figure, a moveable ladder and rotating basket, some tasty treats to tempt the kitty down, and a water hose to offer a refreshing drink once the mission is accomplished.

This set is perfect for those with a passion for cool vehicles and cute animals! Not only does it help develop emotional and social awareness, it also offers hours of imaginative fun for pre-schoolers.

Fire Station & Helicopter

Prepare for a busy day at the fire station!

Once the alarm has been raised, the firefighters will race down the quick-response slide, jump into the Push&Go fire engine and head out through the swinging door as the engine lights flash and the siren sounds. A helicopter is on hand to aid the mission and, once all fires have been put out, the set offers a well-deserved pizza for the team.

Whether it’s playing out rescue missions or exploring how the team lives together in this ‘home from home’ setting, the Fire Station & Helicopter playset offers an amazing way for your 3-year-old girl to learn all about the very important work of firefighters.

Wild Animals of the World

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as this globe-trotting wildlife playset takes you to every continent!

Your kids will meet Asian pandas, South American alpacas, Australian koalas and so many other exciting animals from all around the world. Featuring 142 pieces, the set includes 22 of the coolest animals on the planet, a sound brick that plays realistic noises and animal sounds, and a foldable playmat that will take your little one across the globe.

The perfect gift for any 3-year-old animal lover, this playset will help them to discover the natural world in the wildest way possible!

Deluxe Brick Box

Never stop learning with this extremely versatile playset! Complete with 85 colourful pieces, anything is possible with the Deluxe Brick Box.

Young children will develop important number skills with the 1-3 number blocks, create inspiring stories with the familiar objects and figures, and build their very own worlds as they turn little bricks into big buildings.

There’s no limit to the amount of creative play to be had with this set. Just open up the box and let the fun begin!

Organic Garden

Let imaginations run wild in the garden! Immerse your little one in nature with this fascinating set, and encourage them to learn all about the intricate ecosystems around them.

There’s so much to explore in the Organic Garden. From carrots and watermelons to weather blocks and beehives, this toy has everything you need to inspire your own budding gardener!

The colourful stacking elements help explain exactly how fruits and vegetables grow, and each plant has an adorable face to encourage self-expression and recognise diversity! You can even expand the organic food fun with other DUPLO® toys, and enrich the learning experiences for your 3-year-old girl.

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

The fun doesn’t have to stop here! With such a wide-range of amazing LEGO® sets, we’ve got something for everyone. Take a look around our extensive collection and unleash a world of endless possibility for your child – whatever age they may be.