How to make your own family tree

How to make your own family tree

There’s nothing like looking back on old family photos. They instantly recall some of the best memories, most cherished people and worst haircuts of our lives.

Maybe that’s why the LEGO® Ideas Family Tree set was chosen as the worthy winner of the LEGO Ideas family challenge. We asked fans to submit ideas that answered the question, “What does family mean to you?”

The winning entry came from the mind of Ivan Guerrero (aka Bulldoozer). His family tree started out as a simple mural decorated with framed family photos, but over time Bulldoozer said that it had “grown and sprouted new branches with each new member. It has become a ‘living’ map of our ancestry and the stories we share with our kids and grandkids. In many ways, it represents the core of family.”

Now, you can build and decorate a tree yourself with your own family photos. To help you on your way, here is our step-by-step guide for how to make your very own family tree.

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Step 1 – Get yourself the LEGO® Ideas Family Tree set

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, this stunning 1,040-piece set truly has something for everyone. But getting your hands on it is really just the beginning.

Step 2 – Build the set and get your family involved

First you have to build your tree. Why not make this a family activity and share the building process? The set includes an illustrated booklet featuring interviews with the set’s fan designer and LEGO designers, plus instructions to guide every step of this relaxing creative activity.

Step 3 – Choose your photos

Now, here comes the hard part! Once you’ve built your family tree you can begin the task of scrolling through your camera roll and choosing the photos that you want to display. Hard, we know, because you’ve probably got a couple of thousand photos and (let’s face it) they’re all classics.

Step 4 – Print them to the right size

When you’ve made your choices, the next thing to do is print them. We recommend printing your photos the size of passport photos. That’s 35mm x 45mm or 2 x 2 inches.

Step 5 – Clip on your photos

When you’ve got your photos printed and ready, simply take one of the 16 holders, clip your photograph into place and then add it to where you want on your tree.

Step 6 – Add your customizations

To help you personalize your display, the set comes with several unique accessories, including a toy plane, a kite, birds, a butterfly, binoculars, roller skates, a magnifying glass and more.

Get creative and place these wherever you like on your tree. And if you want to further personalize your tree, why not find some of your other favorite LEGO bricks and give them a home?

And for any pieces you choose not to use, the Family Tree set has a handy storage space in the base of the tree that’s perfect for keeping your spare pieces in one place.

Step 7 – Mix it up

If you don’t want to display photos or if you want to be a little bit more creative, then you can. You could use the included holders to display cinema tickets from your favorite films, handwritten notes from loved ones, or something else that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Step 8 – Choose where to display your tree

Congrats! Your set is finished and you’re the proud owner of a family tree. Now, you must select the best position to display your creation. The set measures over 11.5 inches (29 cm) high, 7 inches (18 cm) wide and 7 inches (18 cm) deep, so, it’s perfect for a shelf or in a display cabinet.

BONUS STEP – Family Forest

If you love your set as much as we think you will, then why stop at one tree when you could have a whole forest? Each tree could be devoted to a different member or side of your family or could only have photos from particular memories or holidays. The choice is yours!

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