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R2-D2™ on a Mission

This droid can do almost everything: fix a starship, help a fighter pilot in battle, carry and decode super-secret messages, and so much more. R2-D2 is very loyal, clever, and brave, and Star Wars™ fans love to hear it talk... in its own way! Watch the video and check out R2-D2’s awesome skills in action.

The Gonk Power Droid

This droid is a battery with legs! A little clumsy, maybe – but so useful whenever you need a power boost to recharge your vehicle as you travel through the galaxy. Can you guess why they’re called “Gonk”? Could it be because of the sounds they make? Watch the video to see what we’re talking about!

Move Your Mouse

If you ever find yourself aboard a starship, you’ll probably meet one of these little guys: they’re really good at guiding visitors, passing on messages and fixing small problems. But be careful not to scare them, or they’ll squeak! Watch the video and see the Mouse Droid in action. Beep!

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Forget passive screen time – this is a workout for the brain.
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