Your home away from home

Terraform a new world as you embark on high-tech science missions, the likes of which this moon has never seen before…

A helping hand from NASA

We collaborated with NASA for this set, to model it on their 2022 Artemis lunar missions! So as your kid builds, they’ll learn more about the technology behind space exploration.

Grow carrots by day…

(We hear they help you see in the dark…ness of space)

… test moon rocks by night!

Because what’s the point in finding glowing meteorites if you can’t experiment on them in your personal lunar lab?

No two missions the same

With so many surprising features, astro-characters and inspiring gadgets, there really are endless ways to play!

Don’t Stop Explorin’

Combine this set with Lunar Roving Vehicle (60348)!

The best way to learn

Introduce kids to fantastic (but not fantasy) tech

Keeping it real

We work with NASA to make our space sets more authentic

Fasten your seatbelts…

What other worlds might they launch to?

Inspired by actual NASA vehicles

Including little Viper here… Adorable, right?

Moon Stone Drone

Fun to say. Fun to play with.

Gather your astronaut team for a joint building mission

There’s a big universe out there…

From the deepest ocean to distant stars. Bold heists, bolder rescues. Monster Trucks alongside School Buses. It’s just another day in LEGO® City…