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So you’re a sports nut. A proud gamer. Always looking for the next competition-fueled dopamine hit. It doesn’t matter if it’s bikes or balls, pitches or pixels – you’re game. And why should you go easy on your nieces and nephews after THEY challenged YOU on their new video game? They’ll learn more from the utter humiliation you’re about to serve them anyway.

Some people just don’t understand. But don’t worry. We do.

The Theater of Dreams

LEGO® Creator Old Trafford – Manchester United (10272) Many consider this the iconic football stadium. (And if you don’t you likely aren’t into this set.) Celebrate glorious moments in English football – 20 titles, Cantona’s chip, Cristiano Ronaldo down the wing, Fergie Time, Rooney’s overhead and Phil Neville’s stepovers. Not in that order.
  • Pitch perfect views

    Marvel at the manicured pitch and detailed viewing stand dedicated to Sir Bobby Charlton, who coined the nickname for Old Trafford, ‘Theater of Dreams’.
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Old Trafford - Manchester United

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