Establishing a sibling bond

Man and a woman sitting with their children, big son and small daughter

Yolanda gave birth to her daughter at the end of 2021, more than ten years after her son was born. She and her husband were concerned about their adolescent son accepting a baby sister, so during her extended parental leave, Yolanda provided him with increased positive guidance. She asked her son to take care of his sister with her, and help out with housework after class. The emotional bond between brother and sister was established, and this helped her son adapt better to his new identity as an older brother.

A mother holding her daughter, her son stroking the daughter's head

“During my half-year parental leave, I was able to take good care of my daughter while helping my son better adapt to his new role.”

Lockdown restrictions in Shanghai also affected this new family of four. Yolanda’s husband, who worked in the financial industry, started living on company premises shortly after the pandemic began. As Yolanda had established daily routines for her daughter during parental leave, she could balance childcare and work even during the most difficult times. And with her children’s companionship, some of her negative emotions caused by lockdown have disappeared

a family sitting with their two children a boy and a girl

“The confidence of LEGO colleagues comes from the loving and caring culture”

When Yolanda gave birth to her son more than ten years ago, she wasn’t working for the LEGO Group. At that time, there were uncertainties with her company, which put mental pressure on Yolanda as a new mother and she worried about whether she would still be competitive enough to find a new job. Fortunately, Yolanda joined the LEGO Group shortly afterwards.

When she went on parental leave following her daughter’s birth recently, Yolanda felt like she was surrounded by love and security. The new extended parental leave policy at the LEGO Group enabled her to take good care of her family with peace of mind, and to get the care and help she needed from her colleagues.

She could therefore return to her favorite job with confidence. Yolanda says: "You can see a kind of confidence in LEGO colleagues. That confidence comes from the company's solid care policy, and everyone feels that they are loved by the company. This may be the most charming thing about the LEGO Group."