Reducing our CO2 impact

LEGO Creator wind turbine

We strive to reduce the CO2 emissions from making LEGO® bricks. We do this by increasing carbon efficiency and investing in onsite and offsite renewables.

We are proud to be balanced with 100% renewable energy due to the investments in offshore wind in Germany and the UK by our parent company KIRKBI A/S. Energy output from investments in renewables currently exceeds the energy used at our factories, offices and stores.

So, what have we done recently?

  • Lightbulb made of LEGO bricks
    We’ve changed the entire lighting system at our factory in Mexico, fitting more than 19,000 high-efficient LED lightbulbs which cover the whole production floor. This saves more than 1,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
  • Solar panels
    We installed a roof-based renewable energy system including more than 3,500 solar panels at our 48,000-sq-m (517,000 sq ft) factory In Kladno, Czech Republic. These panels cover six production halls and mean we can reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 500 tonnes annually.
  • Factory with molding machines
    We installed an innovative new cooling system at our Danish factory that pulls in outside ambient air and uses it to cool the production process of molding LEGO bricks. This system minimizes the need for a refrigerant-based system and provides a significant energy reduction of more than 538,000 kWh, the equivalent of an annual CO2 emission reduction of 111 tonnes.
  • A development graph
    To tackle environmental issues in our supply chain, we run the Engage-to-Reduce program, which aims to lower our suppliers’ carbon emissions. We help suppliers report data and identify carbon reduction projects specific to their business. In 2020, we will also be working with them to reduce water use and forestry impacts.
  • LEGO campus
    The LEGO Campus in Billund, phase 1 of which opened in 2019, meets leading Danish and international environmental building requirements. For example, by using stronger plasterboard in its construction we saved 48,500 lbs (22,000 kg) of steel and 353 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Over 4,000 solar panels were installed on the roof of the car park, ensuring the LEGO Campus will meet leading standards for sustainability. The panels cover 6,500m² (70,000 sq ft) and will produce more than 1 million kWh of energy every year. This will provide approximately 50% of the energy needs of our LEGO Campus – that’s enough electricity to power 200 households.