Balancing work and newborn twins

A man playing with LEGO bricks together with his son

Leon joined the LEGO Group in 2021. While at an orientation for new colleagues, he learned that the LEGO Group was adopting a new global extended parental leave policy that entitles all employees to parental leave, 26 weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers and 8 weeks for secondary caregivers also fully paid

Leon was delighted to see that he was also entitled to eight weeks of parental leave, even while he was still on probation as a new colleague.

A family of five, mother, father a young boy and small twins

“The LEGO Group introduced the extended parental leave policy while I was still on probation”

When his eldest son was born, Leon was working elsewhere. He rented a flat in Shanghai and he had to go back to work after just 10 days, leaving his wife and baby son in their home town, Jiashan.

He has always regretted this, and felt that he missed out on many important moments as his son was growing up. So after learning that his wife was pregnant with twins, Leon decided to stop renting his flat and began commuting between Shanghai and Jiashan.

A family of five, mother and father sitting with their three children, one boy and small twins

“The special situation of commuting between two cities allows me to better balance work and family.”

Enjoying extended parental leave

Leon was immersed in his family of five during his eight weeks’ parental leave. In addition to taking care of his wife, he was also doing his best to take care of the twins. He didn't want to miss out on their every "first".
He's confident that he can take good care of his family and maintain a healthy work-life balance that allows his wife to take the time to pursue her dreams as well.