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Building Toys with AR Technology | LEGO® Hidden Side

Go ghost hunting with LEGO® Hidden Side

LEGO® Hidden Side is a creative building toy, tech toy and AR game all rolled into one. Kids can build a multi-layered model, then use a free interactive Augmented Reality app to hunt and trap ghosts. With multiple different sets and frequent updates, it’s the bridge between physical and virtual play you’ve been looking for!

Build your own ghost stories
LEGO® Hidden Side AR Toys for Kids Ages 7+

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Newbury Subway

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price35,99 €Sale Price28,79 €
- 20%

Jack's Beach Buggy

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price21,99 €Sale Price17,59 €

Phantom Fire Truck 3000

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price79,99 €
Retiring soon

Haunted Fairground

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price59,99 €
Out of stock

Newbury Haunted High School

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price134,99 €
Out of stock

Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price69,99 €
Out of stock

Newbury Abandoned Prison

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price44,99 €
Out of stock

El Fuego's Stunt Plane

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price35,99 €
Out of stock

Real sets meet AR ghosts

1. Download the app

2. Build your LEGO® set

3. Explore LEGO® Hidden Side

4. Catch the ghosts

A new update: multiplayer gaming!

LEGO® Hidden Side works by combining real life and the virtual world – but now it’s even more engaging. Multiplayer mode adds an entirely new dimension to the Hidden Side AR experience. One player becomes the hunter while up to three friends play as ghosts. Who will win? Playing the game is the only way to find out!

A multiplayer mobile game experience!

With the all-new multiplayer mode, LEGO® Hidden Side delivers fast-paced, competitive gameplay kids love coming back to, again and again. Download the latest version of the app for iOS or Android to enjoy AR gaming that brings friends together. Not near your set? No problem! While multiplayer games are a ton of fun together, Hidden Side is a safe way for kids to enjoy mobile gaming online, too.


New multiplayer gameplay where ghosts and ghost hunters battle each other!


Open this page on your iOS or Android mobile device and download the free AR app from App Store or Google Play.

A ghost story kids can join – if they dare!

Being the new kid in town is never easy, and 13-year-old Jack Davids is trying hard to adapt to his new, seemingly sleepy hometown of Newbury. Before long, Newbury’s Hidden Side – a bone-chilling, long-forgotten realm filled with ghosts – threatens to take over the town. With his new best friend Parker and the brilliant scientist J.B., he’ll use a new interactive app to embark on the ghost-catching ride of his life!

Smart and SCARY

With LEGO® Hidden Side, kids get the benefits of traditional hands-on, minds-on LEGO play while experimenting with the exciting possibilities of technology. Kids can build, play, rebuild and have a SCARY good time with or without the AR app.

Game on!

What makes Hidden Side different from other AR toys and games? Building with LEGO® bricks and using innovative new technology raises engagement to a totally new level of exploration and storytelling.

Download, build, explore and catch!

When real life meets a virtual world, the fun only gets more creative!

See How


Find out everything you need to know for you and your child to hunt and trap ghosts in the LEGO® Hidden Side AR app!

LEGO® Instructions PLUS

The easy, intuitive LEGO® Instructions PLUS is a digital, interactive guide to building this collectible LEGO gift toy for kids. You can find it in the free Instructions PLUS app, and kids can use zoom and rotate viewing tools to help them build the model.

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