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LEGO® Friends Cubes

Wherever you go, bring the fun along

The LEGO® Friends Play Cubes pack endless play into a cute, highly portable package! Meaning kids can mix and match with friends to expand and share their adventures in the LEGO Friends universe.

Pretty in Pink

Flamingos and photoshoots—a match made in heaven. Olivia’s Play Cube is full of cool accessories for creative play, and the buildable “feathers” for the exterior make it the perfect gift for kids who love to make a statement.

The cutest, cubist grooming service around

LEGO® Friends Mia’s Pug Cube is the perfect gift choice for girls and boys who love to keep animals looking at their best! There’s even a little scoop to pick up an even littler poop! (How can it still be that adorable?)

The purr-fect present

They say you can never really own a cat; it’s the cat that owns you. But hey, either way, at least when it comes to Stephanie’s Cat Cube, kids can bring their cute little kitten on all their travels.

Hop to it

Andrea’s adorable bunny Cube comes with buildable pointy rabbit ears, to help it really stand out. Inside, there’s a buildable rabbit hutch as well as (of course) a healthy supply of crunchy carrots!

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