Town and construction toys | LEGO® City Town!

LEGO® City. Their adventure.

Jump-start your young builder’s storytelling creativity with characters, vehicles and buildings in LEGO® City! From pizza parlors to skate ramps, there’s a new and exciting story behind every corner. With LEGO City, children can build an amazing and unique city of their own design. What adventure will they create first?
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Main Square

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Tuning Workshop

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Jobs done? Time for fun!

A great city is also a fun city – so why not add some awesome leisure activities? Like this skatepark set, featuring some of the City’s best performers on two or four wheels – from skateboards, to sports wheelchairs, to BMX bikes!

Town Center

There’s so much happening in the heart of the City! The park is full of kids having fun, while the car wash is full of cars getting cleaned. Shirley Keeper is keeping the City’s recycling in order, while crooks are keeping the police on their toes! And, hold on, is that a fire at the pizzeria...?!

Family House

Welcome to this eco-friendly home, complete with solar panels and an Octan-E charging station for the cool electric car. Step inside and you’ll discover lots of well-equipped living spaces – including a kitchen with a smoothie maker and a snazzy bathroom. Outside, host a BBQ on the balcony, give the dog a much-needed bath, or go head-to-head in a game of road hockey!

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Police Helicopter Chase

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Police Monster Truck Heist

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Police Helicopter Transport

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Police Station

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