New Building Toys in 2024

New Building Toys in 2024

Discover our exciting lineup of new LEGO® building toys for 2024. From the latest NINJAGO® set to LEGO flowers, you’re sure to find the perfect set for every builder, big or small, and unlock a world of creative play!

11034 LEGO® Classic Creative Pets

Nurture creativity with the LEGO Classic Creative Pets (11034) set, a great new toy for animal-lovers aged 5 and up.

Featuring 450 building bricks and a simple guide on how to assemble an array of animals, aspiring pet owners will delight in exploring new ways to build their favorite furry friends. They’ll have fun discovering special pieces, including pieces with eyes and mouths, before building a dog with a bowl and bone, a cat on a stand, a hamster with an apple, a rabbit with a carrot or a bird on a perch.

Once kids have had fun building the animals in the guide, they can let their creativity run wild and free-build their own adorable companions. Woof!

31152 LEGO® Creator Space Astronaut

Encourage kids’ imaginations to blast off with the new LEGO Creator Space Astronaut (31152) building toy.

Offering 3 stellar builds, aspiring intergalactic travelers can enjoy hours of fun building a space astronaut before transforming it into a space dog or a space viper jet! The astronaut figure is posable and comes with a detachable jet propulsion backpack, the space dog has a posable tail and legs and the space viper jet features a seat for minifigure (not included) to pilot it.

The set also comes with a display stand, letting kids continue the cosmic fun by showcasing the construction toy in their bedrooms once their building mission is complete.

21254 LEGO® Minecraft® The Turtle Beach House

Encourage young gamers to unlock their creativity with the LEGO Minecraft® The Turtle Beach House (21254), a new building toy for kids.

Featuring beloved characters and a buildable beach house, this new LEGO Minecraft set for 2024 will provide hours of fun. Minecraft fans will enjoy constructing the turtle-shaped Minecraft house, which includes windows, lanterns, a door, a bed, a table and a furnace, before discovering the cool beach area, which features sugarcane, turtle eggs and a bamboo raft!

The action is brought to life by 3 popular Minecraft figures: a Turtle Skin Warrior in a turtle skin and helmet, a Drowned with a trident, a Turtle nibbling seagrass and 3 baby turtles.

42610 LEGO® Friends Karaoke Music Party

Encourage kids to embrace their inner superstars with the awesome LEGO Friends Karaoke Music Party (42610) building toy.

Featuring a revolving stage and lots of exciting details, aspiring singers will have hours of fun building this new LEGO Friends set for 2024 before getting the karaoke party started. They’ll delight in discovering all the accessories, including microphones, cupcakes and a toy slushie machine, plus Nova’s birthday gift to Liann.

The music party is brought to life by 2 LEGO Friends mini-dolls: Nova and Liann. Coming with additional facial expressions, these characters spark creative role play and inspire kids to dream up more friendship-based stories once Liann’s karaoke celebration is over.

42164 LEGO® Technic™ Off-Road Race Buggy

Know a young car enthusiast? Ignite their creativity with the LEGO Technic™ Off-Road Race Buggy (42164)!

Packed with authentic details, this new vehicle toy will thrill budding race car drivers, who can rev up their building skills to assemble the buggy before taking it for a spin. Realistic movements and mechanisms include rear suspension and a moving 4-cylinder engine, as well as cool flex steering that lets kids tilt the buggy nimbly from side to side.

The latest LEGO car for boys and girls who love cool vehicles, as well as aspiring engineers, this new building toy is guaranteed to fuel hours of fun. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…the race for pole position is on!

71476 LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl

Let imaginations take flight with the LEGO DREAMZzz™ Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl (71476) building toy for kids.

Based on the thrilling TV show, this new LEGO DREAMZzz set for 2024 offers 2 exciting ways to build a fantasy toy. Young dreamers can become heroes as they help Zoey save her companion Zian from the villainous Night Hunter! Their imaginations will soar as they build Zian as a Cat-Owl with wings to fly away from the nightmares or as a Cat-Peacock with a beautiful tail to fight them off.

Zoey, Cooper and the Night Hunter minifigures bring the action to life and spark hours of imaginative play. Once kids have lived out this heroic storyline, they can get creative and dream up their own adventures!

71806 LEGO® NINJAGO® Cole’s Elemental Earth Mech

Thrill aspiring Spinjitzu masters with the LEGO NINJAGO® Cole’s Elemental Earth Mech (71806), an action-packed building toy for kids.

Based on the exciting TV show, the new LEGO NINJAGO set for 2024 includes a mech figure with detachable legs, arms and torso, plus a large hammer accessory and posable limbs that can be configured into battle stances. The mech can be combined with 2 other NINJAGO sets – Sora’s Elemental Tech Mech (71807) and Kai’s Elemental Fire Mech (71808) (sold separately), letting fans enjoy hours of fun mixing and matching the different parts to create a unique mech toy. The action is brought to life by 2 NINJAGO minifigures: Cole and a Wolf Mask Warrior, whose accessories include a katana and a sword.

31150 LEGO® Creator Wild Safari Animals

Let kids’ imaginations run free with this LEGO Creator Wild Safari Animals (31150) building set for nature-lovers aged 9 and up.

Sparking creative play, the new LEGO toy features 3 exciting building options. Budding rangers will have hours of fun building a giraffe toy before rebuilding it into 2 gazelle toys or a lion toy. The giraffe toy has posable legs, long neck, tail and ears and stands next to a small brick-built tree and a flamingo toy. The gazelle toys are a mother and calf duo who come with 2 bushes, while the lion toy comes with a tree and a butterfly.

Once playtime is over, kids can let the safari expedition continue by displaying the brick-built animals proudly in their rooms.

42619 LEGO® Friends Pop Star Music Tour Bus

Let young music-lovers turn up their creativity with this awesome LEGO Friends Pop Star Music Tour Bus (42619).

Bursting with fun details, this new LEGO Friends set for 2024 is sure to drive imagination and immersive role play. Budding pop stars will have hours of fun building the bus before exploring the cool backstage area and discovering all the amazing details, including a keyboard, a guitar, an autographed photo and a cell phone.

The story is brought to life by 4 LEGO mini-dolls: Paisley, her superstar alter ego Ley-La, Olly and Liann. Olly helps to create the singer’s outfit and Liann comes to meet her favorite star Ley-La! Once kids have lived-out these stories, they can invent countless more of their own.

10328 LEGO® Icons Botanicals Bouquet of Roses

Let creativity blossom with the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses (10328), a mindful project for adult builders.

Planted with nature-inspired details, the new LEGO flowers set includes a dozen red roses, with 4 in full bloom, 4 blooming and 4 opening buds, as well as 4 sprigs of baby’s breath foliage with small white flowers. The brick-built bouquet also features long stems for vase display, making it easy for budding florists to use it as home décor once complete.

Encouraging loved ones to bond over blooms, this intricate set is great for both solo and group building. It can also be combined with other sets from the LEGO Botanical Collection (sold separately) to create a larger LEGO flower display.

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