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The 8 Best LEGO® Sea Creature Toys for Kids

Dive into a world of adventure with sea creatures! If you’ve got a young fan of oceanography (or an explorer who wants to see what lurks beneath the waves), playtime is sure to go swimmingly when you have the best deep-sea fish toys. Scary sharks, scuttling crabs and even narwhals are all here to play and help sea-lovers of all ages land themselves an exciting time!

LEGO® Friends – Beach House

Kick off some summer fun with the easy-going LEGO® Friends Beach House! Spend your days taking out the LEGO Friends girls on the paddleboat and diving down to swim with the dolphin figure, then catch some waves on the surfboard. Need a breather? Bring the sea back to the beach with the friendly crab toy and get ready to spend some time in the Beach House itself.

Once play comes ashore, kids can pretend to make burgers in the kitchen. The hinged roof of the house comes up to reveal a DJ terrace and the cozy bedroom, as well as plenty of space for a beach party!

LEGO DOTS – Bag Tag Narwal

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Bag Tag Narwhal

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Take your love of sea creatures on-the-go with this quick-assembly narwhal bag tag. The horned unicorn of the sea is easy to put together and even easier to customize. Make your own designs, then change them up by picking the narwhal’s expression using the different bricks. Hang it on a bag or backpack so everyone can see your creative skills in action!

This simple but detailed accessory is the perfect gift for creative kids who love self-expression and sea animals. They can use design ideas from the packaging or create their own – and it can be combined with other DOTS toys into something entirely new!

LEGO City – Ocean Exploration Ship

Looking for some sea creature bath toys? The Ocean Exploration Ship really floats – so it’s the perfect accompaniment to play both in the bath and on-shore! With a shark cage and a research submarine, as well as plenty of other pieces to help explore the deepest depths of the ocean, this set is ideal for those with an interest in learning about what’s beneath the waves. And for those looking for an exciting archeological find, there’s a pirate shipwreck with sunken treasure to explore too!

Join LEGO City TV character Harl Hubbs as he meets with the shark and stingray figures from the safety of the shark cage, then pull him back up with the working crane and open up the captain’s bridge to reveal sleeping and research areas for the minifigures to hang out in.

LEGO Creator – Pirate Ship

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Pirate Ship

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price129,99 €

Ready for a high-stakes, high seas adventure? This pirate ship brings the magic alive with moving sails and cannons, a cabin with an opening roof and sides, and a parrot figure so your kids can feel like a real pirate captain. Got prisoners aboard? Make them walk the plank so they can meet the shark figure circling below the surface of the water.

Once you’re ready to settle down and put away your ship, rebuild it into the Pirates’ Inn design or bury your treasure on a creepy Skull Island design with the skeleton figurines.

LEGO Classic – Creative Building Bricks

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Creative Building Bricks

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price54,99 €

This set of 1,200 bricks is fully equipped to let you build any of seven inspiring different designs, including a squid as well as a space shuttle, mouse, apple tree, watermill, bird and pear – but the real fun starts when you come up with your own designs. You can build sharks, octopuses, fish, crabs and more. Not all deep-sea creatures have been discovered yet – take a guess and build your ideas of what could be lurking on the ocean floor!

This set is perfect for young builders who can’t decide whether they want to build a deep-sea submarine or a flying dolphin – the possibilities are endless.

LEGO Creator – Deep Sea Creatures

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Deep Sea Creatures

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price15,99 €

The ideal set for living out sea-life adventures, this rebuildable collection lets you build a scary shark toy with pointy teeth and an opening mouth, as well as moving fins, movable joints and reflective eyes, and also a posable crab scuttling around a treasure chest dropped by some passing pirates.

The fun doesn’t stop with those two – take them apart and put them back together as a flexible squid model or a wide-mouthed angler fish from the dark depths of the sea. And if you go online, there’s a bonus set of instructions for an extra creature: a ginormous whale.

LEGO | Disney Princess™ – Ariel’s Celebration Boat

Take your love for the classic Disney film underwater with this boat, pier and sea-floor set. Join the animals beneath the waves with Sebastian the crab and Flounder the fish, or recreate the wedding from the film above the surface.

This set is great for Disney fans or youngsters aged four and over looking to build up their creative play skills and building ability with brightly colored bricks and family-friendly storytelling.

LEGO City – Diving Yacht

Adventure to the ocean floor with two LEGO City divers as they meet a swordfish and a crab, then return to the surface to rest up in the Diving Yacht with a sun deck, removable roof and turning searchlight, with storage space inside for keeping all the divers’ equipment.

Want to really explore the depths? The set includes a sea floor scene with seaweed and an opening treasure chest for the divers to find and bring back to shore. Inspect the valuable find with the toy cameras, interact with the fish figure, and stay down for longer with the minifigure oxygen mask.

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