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This page will be your guide to the huge variety of events, interests, tips, tricks and bits that are powered by LEGO fans like you! Below, you’ll get introduced to our global communities, their various events and specialties, and a whole lot more!

What is LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is where fan builders submit homemade LEGO creations which (if they get enough votes) can become official LEGO sets! Here’s a taste of what you can get up to…

LEGO® Fan Communities

There are literally hundreds of LEGO Users Groups across the world, spanning dozens of languages and LEGO interests, who organize a huge number of events, meetups and even conventions. But how to keep up with them all?

Why, with the LEGO Ambassador Network, of course, where you can quickly and easily search for the perfect group for you!

Most loved LEGO® Themes

Here’s a quick run-down of fans’ most beloved LEGO themes and interests!

LEGO Star Wars

Do you wish it could be May 4th every day?

BrickLink – The World’s Largest LEGO Marketplace

Discover the world’s largest online marketplace to buy and sell nearly any LEGO element you can imagine!

Get Inspired

There’s plenty of innovative ways to get the most out of your LEGO building exploits. Our fan community can always help you out.

Looking for LEGO pieces?

Are you one piece away from finishing your brick masterpiece? Pulling your hair out trying to find some spare parts to add that X factor to your collection? Shhhhhh, relax, it’s all okay. You can browse through an enormous range of LEGO elements and get them directly from us!

Coming soon...

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you probably get as excited as we do by the prospect of new, upcoming, soon-to-be-released LEGO sets? Yes, we thought so… Discover our newest sets below!

Building Instructions

We’ve gathered and digitized thousands of Building Instructions from many of our old and all of our newest sets. And you can download any of them for the low, low price of… absolutely free!

Become a VIP

With LEGO VIP, you can earn points on every in-store or online purchase, redeem awesome rewards, plus you get early access to new and exclusive sets and a lot (lot) more!

Looking for your nearest LEGO store?

Get to the LEGO bricks as quick as a flash, with our store locator!

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