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Meet Trine Jensen. Trine is a Technology Engineer in Manufacturing Design & Implementation (MD&I where she’s part of the Moulding Technology team (MoT) based in Kornmarken, Billund in Denmark.

“LEGO® bricks may look simple. But there’s a whole world of complexity that surrounds their manufacture. My team deals with much of it. We’re responsible for the moulding machines that make them and all of the many different types of equipment that go into the moulding process. We find better ways to make bricks better. This means I can find myself working on projects focused on anything from sustainability or safety to capacity or expansion. The common theme across all of them is harnessing technology to produce the best possible outcomes.


“I think days that shine a light on a specific topic or group of people have a very special purpose. Some celebrate achievement. Others highlight a cause or seek to raise awareness through education. I believe International Women in Engineering Day does all of this and more. It’s increasingly the case that women work in engineering, but it’s still not the norm. So, it’s right that we recognise those that do and what they do. Our cause is equality. We achieve it through education.

“I hope that days like this inspire women, (especially younger women,) to take a chance at something different. I believe that many think engineering is only about hardcore technology, math, programming, physics etc., but engineering can also be about other things. Project management, coordination, and other less technical things. I am not a specialist but a generalist. The point is to show them the possibilities and for them to know that they are within reach.


“As far as the LEGO Group goes, we welcome everyone. But as today is about women, we say especially to them, come and join whatever you want to be, we’ll help you get there. From an engineering perspective, there is always a challenge. Something to upgrade; make better with less impact; create so it gives a better customer experience. Continuous improvement is part of our essence. This applies to people as much as it does to products and processes.

“If you don’t know much about something, that’s fine. We believe in embracing curious minds, letting them jump in and find out. We’re a learning culture. And the best way to learn is by doing and teaming up with others. So, expect a warm welcome to turn into support and collaboration for as long as you decide to stay. Believe us, you’ll find plenty of reasons for doing so.

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