👋 Therese, Mould Engineer #IWED2023

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Our first stop is our global headquarters in Billund. Therese Bruhn Bjerg Pedersen is an engineer in Mould Engineering there. She’s going to introduce us to her work on manufacturing prototypes.

“Sometimes you have to break the mould to make something better. Literally in this case. I’m part of a team developing a completely new way of making and producing prototype moulds. This new innovation is much faster than conventional manufacturing methods - and time is important. Particularly as our products are in such demand.


“Together with my colleagues, I help designers decide the direction they want to take with a new element before they go ahead with creating a prototype mould. My role involves designing and constructing the mould to fit our processes. I’m also the contact point for the customer, as well as tracking and managing the various elements of the project throughout the project until customer delivery.

“I’m a firm believer that your gender should not dictate what job you can or can’t do. This is why International Women in Engineering Day is significant to me. It’s a chance to show the world that anyone can be anything they wish. Men can be nurses; women can be engineers. Talent, aptitude, passion and application. This is what makes for a successful career.


“Diversity is important too. We all bring something different to our roles and our teams, Everyone is welcome here. Women. Men. Nonbinary people. Many perspectives produce a better discussion. This in turn creates the best outcome. It makes sense. It helps us deliver quality.

“I love working at my site because it’s about problem-solving, so it’s challenging. We get to explore new territory, so it’s engaging. It can be frustrating and hard work at times but this makes it all the more rewarding when everything works out as it should.

“Perhaps most of all, this is somewhere your imagination can flourish. In life, it’s important to believe in possibilities and be creative. With imagination, there are endless ways to solve a problem. Some will be very creative and might not work, but some of the ideas will lead to the next great new solution.

“I think, therefore I’m an engineer. I imagine, therefore I’m an engineer at the LEGO Group.”

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