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LEGO.com is our central digital hub. It’s the go-to resource for everything from online shopping to interactive experiences. Sarah Hamilton, an engineer in Digital Technology based in London, is in our Guardians team. Together, they make sure the site is legally compliant. But the story doesn’t end there.


“My role is pivotal in several key areas. Designing robust architectural solutions is the first. It’s essential these cater to the unique needs of our platform. Implementing these features means I contribute to the overall performance of LEGO.com

‘Supporting our colleagues is a core focus for the team, We empower them to do whatever they need to do effectively. My part in this involves developing essential tooling to streamline workflows and enhance productivity, Training is another important aspect of my role. Having the tools is one thing; knowing how to use them effectively is where I come in.


“As a woman in technology, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenges that we may encounter in male-dominated environments. I’m fortunate. I’m part of a team that provides exceptional support, This enables me to work without hindrance from the issues faced by underrepresented groups in the tech industry. It should be this way for everyone. It’s what they deserve.

“A truly inclusive workplace that’s fulfilling for everyone, that’s the goal. We must strive for it by raising awareness. It’s a goal that the business has embraced. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values here. When you add curious minds into the mix - minds that are encouraged to be creative - this is where the fun really begins. This is how we’re empowered to be our authentic selves. This is why we enjoy what we do.


“It’s what we do, how we do it and why. These are the reasons to invest time here. We get to work with really cool technologies. React, Node, GraphQL and AWS Services. These are by no means all of them but I find this a really enjoyable tech stack to work with. It’s certainly one I want to progress with. We all get involved too. Engineers at all levels can contribute to architecture design and the overall strategy for the site.

“Curiosity and creativity we’ve already mentioned in terms of the how. Fun too. Working collaboratively is another important one. This binds us together somehow. We learn from one another. We get on. We make friends. You kind of have to take this approach. The range of technical challenges demands it.

“Finally, there’s the why. Last but in no way least. There is a point to what we do, a clear purpose. Inspiring and developing curious minds to become the builders of the tomorrow is pretty awesome. A lot of good stuff happens here. That’s not a bad way to earn a living”

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