👋 Dora, Implementation & Innovation Engineer #IWED2023

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Meet Dóra Czudarhelyiné Gombos. Like Alena in Kladno, she also works in New Product Implementation, Introduction & Innovation. Her team is based in Nyíregyháza, Hungary where we also focus on Moulding, Processing and Packing.


“Introducing new equipment and technologies means my role is always interesting. I like variety. I like to be challenged. This is exactly what I get. I work in Processing where we assemble and decorate DUPLO® and LEGO® elements. This involves using a pad printing process. It’s a very complex technology so it’s been a great learning opportunity.

“Quality is a core consideration for us. We want every customer to have an outstanding experience. So I pay special attention where new elements are being introduced. I mainly deal with the introduction of new elements in the Processing area. I’m responsible for the data for these new items and spend a lot of time in the Decoration area to support the people working there.


“I also get involved in the initial steps of new products. After the design stage, I check drawings and prepare the completed versions for production. This means working with Adobe Illustrator. I’d never used this software before but I got a lot of help from my colleagues.

“From the moment I began working here in 2016, I was inspired and engaged by the environment. It wasn’t what I was used to. It’s very multinational and hugely collaborative. The nature of the work was different too. I was used to an office-based environment. I never thought I’d be doing tests on pneumatic machines. This didn’t seem to me to be the kind of work a woman did. But here, it’s normal. So I guess it’s challenged my own thinking.


“I like that International Women in Engineering Day gives me the chance to share my own story. I started out as an Operator in Processing. As I’ve progressed into an engineering role, I think I’m a good example of how women can get on in a supportive environment. I’ve been a machine setter and a trainer too. Each of these roles has enabled me to learn. In my current role, my feedback is respected by designers and I’m treated as an equal.

“Across the business, there are many opportunities to get to know different technologies. It’s a supportive, collaborative culture too. Me, personally, I know I can rely on the Research & Development team (R&D). I get to learn from them and can ask anything I like. They’re always there. As we build new factories around the world, we connect with people from lots of different nationalities. This is also a huge plus.


“We must always be brave. If we move out of our comfort zone, we discover and learn more. We embrace change; we’re driven by it. Taking the first step is always exciting because it’s a shared experience and it keeps things interesting.

“I like that we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously too. This makes change inevitable. The new factory we’re building in the US is designed to be carbon neutral. It has an on-site solar park that provides renewable energy for its operations. Introducing 100% sustainable packaging is another key goal. So many innovations; so many opportunities to thrive - whoever we are"

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