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In Kladno in the Czech Republic. Safety, quality, delivery, cost and people are all a focus here but as Senior NPI (Novelty and New Platform and Technologies Implementation) Engineer, Alena Štěpánková, explains, there’s a whole lot more to keep your ingenuity challenged, engaged and fulfilled.


“Production plays a crucial part in helping us deliver quality products to our customers. Doing so on time while ensuring a safe environment for everyone comes with many challenges. The Kladno site also supports the business with its transition to sustainable packaging. It’s a key part of our Planet Promise to make all packaging sustainable by 2025. This year is significant as we begin real production of paper pre-packs.

“My role focuses mainly on processes. I work across a range of projects to ensure we maintain confidentiality and security. We have great relationships with our IP partners and we take our responsibilities to them very seriously. So I work with our local Security department to create safe environments for our products. This avoids the risk of any physical or digital leaks.


“I also support Additive Manufacturing from a project management perspective. We print tools and equipment for maintenance and R&D colleagues on 3D printers. Establishing clear processes is down to me and ensuring global cooperation for multi-site initiatives is a key part of this. It improves operational efficiency in so many ways.

“The way we approach International Women in Engineering Day is a great example of how the business supports diversity and inclusion. There is a major emphasis on this. What else would you expect from a business built around collaboration and sharing ideas? It’s not simply about increasing awareness around topics affecting women; it goes deeper than this. We hear about the experiences and stories of women from minority groups. Equality is the key theme, obviously, and this is visible everywhere from our products to articles on our intranet.

“This extends into the way we work too. Everyone here is treated with respect. We’re equals. We help each other out and we have fun with what we do. We’re in the business of play. Creating toys that help curious minds learn is something I enjoy and take pride in.

“There are so many great opportunities here for engineers. We’re implementing new technologies and creating new products all the time. Only the best is good enough is our mantra. So as well as variety, you’ll be challenged to think creatively and deliver to the highest possible standard. This is what every good engineer should want.”

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