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Our Monterrey site in Mexico is our largest manufacturing facility. This means there’s plenty to keep Technology Manager, Abril Granados, busy. Her role in Manufacturing Design and Implementation (MD&I) focuses on installing new equipment and technologies to keep our moulding process operating at optimum efficiency,


“Keeping up with demand for our products is a big challenge. But it’s one I learn so much from. We have high standards and these are applied at every stage, from moulding and decoration to assembly and packaging. It’s not simply about creating the LEGO® brick, we have to do so while balancing time constraints against quality and safety requirements.

“International Women in Engineering Day is important for me. While working here means we get to learn from and celebrate women from different cultures every day, this is a day to bring things into focus. Sharing our stories and inspiring one another matters. It gives us an insight into one another’s success, as well as our personal and professional experiences.


“Whereas in the past, engineering was seen as a profession for men, that’s no longer the case. Gender is no longer a barrier. More and more women engineers are joining. I hope this continues. There is every reason why it should. Having joined as Packing Maintenance Supervisor, I was able to grow into and I love it. I’m fulfilling my career goals and also benefit from a healthy work/life balance.

“From an engineering perspective, there are so many ways to grow within the business. The challenges, complexities and variety of what we do here mean there are endless ways to learn. Our focus on continuous improvement demands we also look for new approaches. We’re encouraged to have fun with our problem-solving and do so with imagination.

“What’s more, this is somewhere you can feel proud to work. I do, certainly. It’s good to feel part of something. Our well-being is taken care of. Wherever we come from, we feel welcomed - and we all work in an environment of openness and trust. This is an awesome place to work. I love sharing stories about my job with my nephews and niece. What better way to change attitudes than by being a role model to the next generation?

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